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eSutras Organics is a Dropshipper of Botanicals, Herbs, Teas and Wellness Products.

The global organic food market was valued at around $201.77 billion in 2020 and was expected to grow to $221.37 billion in 2021.

It’s no surprise that the organic health and wellness market is a popular choice for new businesses operating e-commerce stores. The products are in high demand and have a good profit margin with low shipping costs which adds to the attractiveness of offering organic wellness products.

About eSutras

eSutras Organics is a wholesale supplier of health and wellness products based in the United States. In addition to wholesale they also offer a dropship program to retailers and online stores, furthermore they offer a wide range of organic products. Their organic and wellness products are herbs and spices, supplements, herbal teas, seasonings, vegan foods and health food products. In addition they also offer bulk sizing options for their finished botanical products. eSutras also manufacture and package all their finished products locally in Chicago, United States.

What Services do eSutras Organics offer?

  • Wholesale and retail bulk purchasing
  • Dropshipping
  • Private Label and Co Label packaging
eSutras Private Label Packaging
eSutras Private Label

What is eSutras Organics Dropship Pricing

eSutras offers discount pricing at 3 spending levels

  • 1 – Spend up to $300 and get 20% discount
  • 2 – Spend between $300 – $450 and get 25% discount
  • 3 – Spend over $450 and get 35% discount

Are There Any Dropshipping Account Fees

Yes. To qualify for any of the dropship level pricing you must purchase the dropship membership first. The membership is a one off fee of $300 and this covers all administrative, setup and support costs related to your account. However, there’s no monthly or additional fees thereafter.

eSutras Organics Shipping Information

eSutras uses USPS and FedEx services for all their national and international shipping. You can calculate the shipping cost to your customer based on the sending area code 60612. For exact shipping costs use a USPS and FedEx account for shipping calculations.

Hours of Business

Open Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 5:30pm CT

Contact Information Website

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