Write For DropshipNews.com

What are we we looking for?

We’re open to different writing formats and topics — there’s no set rule, and we’re not afraid to experiment a little with our content. If you think it’s interesting, there’s a good chance we might, too. That said, here’s a general outline of our categories:

  • Op-ed: Thoughtful, analytical pieces about the dropshipping and ecommerce industry
  • Industry News & Events: A fresh perspective on something new in ecommerce, an event you’re attending that you want to write about it, or anything else that you think people should know about in retail, dropshipping or ecommerce
  • Reviews and recommendations: Deeper dives into an ecommerce article (critical or positive)
  • Interviews: Q&A or article-style/longform conversations with interesting people in the dropshipping, shopify, ecommerce world
  • Educational: Anything to inform & inspire our readers (for example, a technical piece about paid advertising or making contact with suppliers

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