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Drop Shipping Companies With No Membership Fees – Free No Fee

Drop Shipping Companies With No Membership Fees

If you're just starting out in the world of dropship eCommerce, then one of the first things you're going to want to do is, search for dropshipping suppliers.

So you go to big G and do a few searches and what do you get? A page of results to dropship suppliers and directories, great what's wrong with that? I hear you say.

It's when you start browsing the sites you suddenly realise, that you need to pay a fee or join some kind of membership, to get access to all the info you need. And for some reason the more you search the more these sites keep popping up.

But, it doesn't need to be like that. I'm going to help you out here with some tips and provide you with a list of dropship companies who don't charge for using them.

Searching For Dropship Companies

drop shipping companies with no membership fees

Drop shipping companies with no membership fees

When searching for dropship suppliers you'll soon notice two different types of businesses trying to get your attention.

There are:

  1. Dropship Business Directories; These are simply business directories listing wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors.
  2. Dropship Market Places; These are where many suppliers operate under the marketplace name. Think of Amazon and you know what I mean

Both of the above business models require some form of income to survive, to cover their costs providing you with a service.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I dislike websites which charge for their services.

At the beginning of setting up your business money is often very tight, and paying for something which you could easily get for free makes no sense to me.

For those of you where money is no object then paid directories and paid marketplaces can definitely speed up your product sourcing and research.

Personally I like to get as much information as possible for free, so I'd prefer you to search for websites and directories saying “No Monthly Fee Dropshippers"  or “Dropship Wholesalers Free Membership”. It’s no point in investing too much money at such an early stage of your business.

Problems With Paid Directories or Suppliers

There can be problems with paid directory/supplier some of which I will list below:

  1. There are chances that such online suppliers have different objectives and provide little or no service as promised.
  2. Note; if the supplier is genuine he would rather like to do business selling products and earn way more than just the registration fees
  3. Paid directories offering membership are mostly focused on signing up new members, rather than the quality of their database. You could end up having suppliers that you never need or that are out of date and of no use what so ever.

So I would suggest to go for a free directory, not a paid one.

If you know exactly what you want to sell, you can google search for "Dropship Wholesalers Free Membership" +"product you'd like to sell"

Dropship Suppliers Directory

Dropship Suppliers Directory

Dropship Basics

Stay with it because I'm going to provide you with a list of; 5 Drop Shipping Companies with no fees and also; 5 Dropshipping Directories with no fees, but first let's start with a few basics.

What is Dropship?
If you go by the definition then dropship is the supplying of goods directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler to your customer and sometimes also to your location.

What is a Dropship Supplier?
A dropship supplier is a person or an organisation, who supplies you the store owner with the goods you order (on behalf of your customer), by delivering them direct to your customers address. So you as the store owner don't have any contact with the product.

How does Dropship Suppliers benefit the small eCommerce store owner?
There are a number of ways in which you can benefit -

  1. No need for huge capital outlay.
  2. Freedom to locate wherever you like.
  3. Offer a much larger selection of products you couldn't normally afford
  4. Low overheads, no large stocks of products are needed.
  5. No warehouse or storage facility needed.

So now you have a little background I'll list some sites you should checkout.

These are not in any order of preference or quality but a starting point on your journey to find a dropshipper without fees, for your store.


5 Drop Shipping Companies With No Membership Fees.

  1. Check Our Own FREE Dropship Suppliers Directory

    Click the link above to browse our free dropship suppliers directory. We are adding new suppliers daily so bookmark the page or signup for our Dropshipping supplier alerts and get notified when we add new ones.

  2. Big Drop Ship

    Big Drop Ship is a company which offers beauty products, electronic items, clothing, toys & games, art and stationery products, computers & software, and much more.The company was created with the vision to make business owners risk free of from the management and control or large product stocks, giving store owners the freedom to focus on marketing and advertising the products that they want to sell.

    The company surveys the market for what are the hottest deals.

    They then offer the same products from some of the best of the suppliers to make your experience simple, easy and profitable.

    All at the cost of nothing! No fee required to sign in with Big Drop Ship.

    Find them at www.bigdropship.com

    Big Dropship is no longer recommended, watch this space for a replacement.

  3. Dropship Junction

    Dropship Junction is a website made with the idea of bringing in together the wholesalers and retailers by providing them with a common trading platform.Here you get to browse through the products you like and think is going to be the best for your customers and start selling.

    The website doesn't charge you anything either for registering nor any annual fee.

    The way it makes it's money is, once you make a sale of a product, Dropship Junction take 3% as commission only.

    This way, although there is a fee, it is on the back end once you've made the sale so no upfront costs are involved.Basically it's a win win situation for you and them.

    You can find them at http://www.dropshipjunction.co.uk

  4. Dropship Direct

    Dropship Direct has more than 120,000 products online, the inventory updates regularly and they keep a lookout for the latest product trends.And as always the best part is you need not pay for anything, no monthly fee or annual fee.

    You can find the best offers on this website, low wholesale prices as compared to other websites, ensures that you'll have more profit in your pocket after making a sale.

    Dropship Direct also won the Toptenreviews.com Silver Award, which is an independant review site. The award says it all.

    You can find them at http://dropshipdirect.com

  5. Chinavasion

    This is a china based site which mainly deals in electronic items.The registration is free of charge, not only this but it offers many other benefits such as one day dispatch.

    There's no minimum order quantity and they provide with 12 months quality guarantee.

    You can also download customised data feeds.

    They boast that they also have the best pre-sale support if you have any queries.You can find them at https://www.chinavasion.com

  6. Albany Distributing

    It has 42,000 plus products on its website with no registration fee.There are some suppliers which insist on a minimum order quantity for your first order. I most case this would stop you buying but at Albany there is no minimum order quantity.You only need to order one item to sell the product to your customer, if that's all you need.One of the plus points of using this website is, it guarantees the lowest wholesale price.They do not charge any handling fee or dropship fee and last but not the least they provide free product data feed and images.

    You can find them at https://www.albanydistributing.com

Dropship Suppliers Directory

Dropship Suppliers Directory



5 Drop Shipping Directories With No Fees

Here is the list of top dropship Directories which are absolutely free, you can search for your suppliers and start making money ASAP.

  1. UK Local Wholesalers

    This website is a 100% free online directory of UK Wholesalers.No signup required here. Simply browse for your suppliers by categories.You don't need to fill any forms or sign up on the website, simply go to the website browse through the categories and choose your suppliers.By clicking on the name of the wholesaler, it takes you directly to the wholesaler's website where you can see the products on offer.

    Not the best website in the way of functionality but a great little site all the same, especially for those in the UK markets.

    You can find them at http://www.uklocalwholesalers.com

  2. The wholesaler UK

    The directory is one of the oldest dropship directories having been online since 1999.If you are a retailer and looking for contact details of wholesalers this can turn out to be the best website for you. It has an unbelievable collection of suppliers in it's database and for the simple reason of being in the market for so long.This directory provides not just the contacts but also all the other service they may offer.They provide you with regular updates on any new companies added to the site.

    To search for a particular contact go to the categories section search your category, find suppliers view their information, get their details, and also get the option of saving them to your favourite list.

    You can find them at http://www.thewholesaler.co.uk

  3. Wholesale Central

    The website provides an original wholesale Directory to its user and the buyers can join in free of cost.It's reported to be the best B2B directory and is also said to be recommended by the FORBES magazine. It has listings for the wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, and importers all in one place.All the data that is provided in the directory is scrutinised and closely screened before being added to the database.

    To connect with the seller all you need to do is browse for your supplier, once you find one, click on the link provided and you will be taken directly to the suppliers website. You can then browse for the products you'd wish to sell.

    You can find them at www.wholesalecentral.com

  4. Dropship Sites

    This is also a popular website on the internet known to be a free wholesale and dropshippers directory.They provide the contact details of the suppliers and a URL link to their site.This website is supported by advertisements. Therefore there are only a few companies on each page. This simply means more clicking but the information is in there, it just takes a bit longer to find it.

    You can find them at http://www.dropshipsites.com

  5. eSources

    It has more than 140,000 verified suppliers on its portal. Not 100% free but read on.This website does it's own research provides it's members with the most genuine and most verified wholesalers and dropshippers.It has two packs, the free buyers pack and premium buyers pack. The free buyers pack gives you access to all the suppliers.

    The premium pack is £20 per month and includes a free website and hosting for your potential store.

    This is a great site with tons of resources. The only downside is the owners like to sell you add-ons, such as eCourses for extra income.

    On the plus side much of the eCources are free with the monthly subscription.

    I recommend going with the free package, you can always upgrade if you feel the need.
    You can find them at https://www.esources.co.uk

Dropship Suppliers Directory

Dropship Suppliers Directory

How To Identify Trustworthy Dropship Suppliers?

When starting out with your eCommerce store and searching for drop shipping companies with no fees, you may come across some sites which could do you more harm than good.

There are some dodgy people out there so how can you tell the good from the bad?

You'll come accross the terms fake dropshipper quite often but what does that mean?

In simple terms it's anyone who offers to supply products to dropship but;
1. They don't actually hold the stock, they pass your order on again to another supplier.
2. They sell you a membership but when you join you suddenly realise the products are overpriced and there's no profit to be made.
3. And at worst, they actually sell FAKE goods!! Which is a big no, no.
4. They retail the same products for themselves, pricing you out of popular products.

Here are few of the things that you can keep in mind in order to be safe-

  1. Ask for a sample - a supplier who really wants to do business with you will love to share his product details with you, they will also send you their sample products because it is quite possible that they will be interested in doing long term business with you.
    This will also ensure that you two things, first that the supplier is genuine and secondly the quality of product that your buyers will get is of the same quality you want and expect.
  2. Distinguish between a middle man and a dropshipper - Many people in the marketplace have complained that the person with whom they were trading we not actually a dropshipper but was a middle man. The problem with such people is that they sell you the products at higher prices than other suppliers which in turn leaves little margin for you. So be aware of such middleman and keep a look out for them.
  3. Minimum bulk order - some suppliers ask you to order a minimum amount from them to prove that you are a real retailer. Never buy more than you actually need for your customers. So if you have one order for one item don't be tempted to purchase ten items, simply because it's your first order and the supplier asks you to order 10. Just find a supplier who WILL sell you one item.
  4. Don’t fall for the monthly fee scheme - If a supplier asks you to pay a monthly membership fee don’t ever fall for it, if you are looking for a regular basis business with the supplier he will earn way more from you buying their products, so it is no point asking for a monthly or annual fee. A genuine dropship supplier will rarely ask for a monthly fee.
  5. Have a direct conversation with the supplier - Don’t always go by the reviews and the appearance of the website, it is quite possible that the supplier is not technically minded but has a great collection of stuff that he does not publicise on their website.If possible try to make a personal visit or go for a sample whichever is possible. At the very least make contact.
  6. Do your research - Always do a lot of research before you finalise on any deal. Look and speak with a lot of different suppliers before settling on one, give yourself a chance to find the best.


Finally to conclude this article I would say that, Dropshipping is the perfect business model, for small startup eCommerce websites. With low overheads, low or no stock required and no large warehouse with staff to maintain.

Once you finally decide to find a dropshipping supplier.

Start with a free directory of dropshipping suppliers, like the once mentioned above. Go through them making a shortlist of potential suppliers you think would be suitable.

Then go through your shortlist, checking each website thoroughly. Read their "About Us" page, send them a quick message just to gauge their response. And when you are read order some sample products to check the quality of the product and the reliability of their delivery service. And last but not least ask if they offer shipment tracking.

Always go for a free websites and do more searches with strings like, "Dropship wholesalers free membership", "No monthly fee dropshippers", "List of dropshippers", "Dropshippers no signup fee", "drop shipping companies with no fees", "Free wholesale dropshippers", "free drop shipping wholesalers", "drop shipping companies with no membership fees", etc. Make sure to search with the quotation marks to find exact matches.

I hope you found this article useful, if so please share it, thanks, it means a lot to me.

  1. Thank you for your information on drop shipping with no fee. I think that you provided a great service to me as well as people looking to start an online business for the first time. Again thank you.C

  2. Thank you for the tons of info… I was interested in wholesale buying and drop shipping 20 years ago..
    At that time there wasn’t much available.. Maybe even longer ago then that…
    At that time I think that Compuserve was about the only internet thing available
    Anyway I did sign up with a company from California and they were wholesale and they dropshipped.. That was great and I did ok considering how little I invested in the whole business

    After reading your article you have sparked that idea once again and I might be a little more successful now that there is so much available on the internet…
    Thank you for all the valuable info!! Love it!!
    Bette Tharp
    San Antonio, Tx

  3. You know what, Dan Barret? You’re the best we have out here. Thanks for the info!

  4. This is probably one of the most helpful articles I have read! This is the area I am stuck at right now. Trying to figure out the suppliers! I want to start with USA suppliers as I’m in the US. So many websites it became unclear to me how to truly find a good one and what to look for. The red flags you listed is extremely helpful, all of it is!! So I thank you so much for sharing this information! Wishing you peace and prosperity!!!!

  5. Thank you for the great information.

  6. Dan,

    Thank you so much for this information! I just started doing dropshipping and my head was spinning with all the information I found on Google and it was very difficult to make a decision on which supplier to go with, I almost paid for monthly subscription with multiple suppliers, but thank God I came across your article. Very helpful and much appreciated! Now, I know what’s my next step. Thanks again for sharing this information.


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  10. the very first one you have to pay to sign up smh

    • Marquita,

      Thanks for the heads up. I’ve checked and they used to offer a free signup but they are no longer taking signups therefore we no longer recommend this source.

  11. Al Harrison,

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