If you've been dropshipping or thinking of dropshipping for more than 5 minutes then you'll know the importance of having good suppliers.

The bad news is a poorly chosen supplier can break your business or at the least cost you tons of wasted time and money.

Whilst searching for dropship suppliers you'll come across many "Fake" dropshippers / wholesalers.

The term fake dropshipper refers to businesses which charge a fee for the privilege of  dropshipping products to your customers. These are just middlemen who are buying products wholesale, adding a small markup then selling them on to you with an additional fee.

In addition to that some of them also sell direct to the public, AKA retail sales. That means your supplier is competing with you directly, which is not a good thing.

So when searching for dropship suppliers you soon learn it's tedious job trying to weed out the real suppliers from the fake suppliers.

Here at Dropship News we regularly search the internet for high quality suppliers. We add these suppliers to our Free Dropship Suppliers Directory just for you, saving you hours of boring searches.

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