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WSK Survival Dropshipping

Tactical Gear Dropshipping with WSK (wholesalesurvivalkits.com)

Tactical Gear Dropshipping can be very profitable for your store. If you own a store selling outdoor, hunting, camping and recreational type products then add survival gear too. Survival and tactical gear is very popular and can come with premium prices too. Therefore it makes sense to offer these products in your store. And with dropshipping there’s no extra stock or expense. Just list the products in your store and start taking orders.

About Wholesale Survival Kits.

WSK stands for Wholesale Survival Kits. It’s a division of Guardian survival gear and was founded in 2005 by Daniel Kunz. After watching the Hurricane Katrina disaster he feared how his family would survive in such an event. He went on to research and develop 72 hour Survival Kits and formed Guardian Survival Gear and then Wholesale Survival Kits. The company is located in Idaho, and is one of few Survival – Tactical Gear Dropshippers in the United States.

Survival Tactical Gear Dropshipping
Survival Dropshipping

How To Resell Tactical Gear

To become a reseller and add WSK products to your store you must complete an application form. Once the form has been submitted WSK will contact you to approve or deny your application. They may also ask for more information and a resellers permit and it will take a few days for approval.

How To Add WSK Products To Your Store.

WSK sell a small range of survival products so you won’t need special tools to add products. You add the products to your store manually. WSK do supply high quality photos of all products for your store. You will also get the pricing, product details and product descriptions. And finally WSK provide you with extensive tutorials to guide you through adding products to your store.

Shipping Information

WSK has a standard lead time of 2 – 5 days depending on the kit or products ordered.

Is There a Dropshipping Charge?

No. However there’s a small order handling fee of $3 for all orders under $20. All other standard UPS shipping charges are paid when you checkout an order. It’s up you you if you want to pass the shipping charge to your customers or include it in your sale price. WSK ships all orders less than 250 pounds via UPS, FedEx, or USPS. Orders over 250 pounds are considered freight and will ship via the best method available

Is It Blind Dropshipping?

Yes. Their shipping labels have a WSK return address, but for your shipments they don’t have their company name on the label. It will simply say “Fulfillment Warehouse.” The packing slip in your order will simply have your customer’s information. You also have access to customize packing slips that utilize your company logo. These packing slips will be automatically included in all orders.

Possible Store Product Categories:

  • Survival Gear
  • Tactical Gear
  • Outdoor Tactical Kits
  • Outdoor Survival kits
  • Camping Survival Kits
  • Preppers Survival Kits
  • Outdoor Survival Kits
  • Tactical Survival Kits
  • Urban Survival Kits
  • Military Survival Kits
  • Hunters Survival Kits
  • Children’s Survival Kits
  • Pets Survival Kits

WSK Dropshipping Contact information:


Guardian Survival Gear, Inc.
1509 Tyrell Lane. Suite 170
ID 83706

877 724-7548



Social Media:
Facebook Page

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