The Best Shopify Clothing Stores

7 Of The Best Shopify Clothing Stores

Clothes are big business and with more and more people setting up their own stores the industry is fiercer than ever. For the consumer this means that there is more choice than ever when it comes to wearing unique clothes and showing off your individual style.

However, if you’re looking to set up your own branded clothing store then you’ll need to know how to beat the competition.

Discover the best of Shopify fashion with our curated selection of the best clothing stores. This guide is a must-read for anyone looking to carve a niche in the e-commerce fashion industry. It offers a look into successful Shopify clothing stores, showcasing how they’ve captivated audiences and set trends.

Whether you’re gathering inspiration for your own store or just love exploring top-notch fashion online, this article is your gateway to understanding what makes a Shopify store thrive.

Read on for a overview of the best Shopify clothing stores.

Unifclothing-com Shopify Clothing Store
Unifclothing-com a Shopify Clothing Store

A clothing shop which is incredibly fashion forward and highly unique. For urban and cool styles then you have come to the right place. This shop provides everything you could ever want – tops, shoes, jeans, dresses, jumpers and even underwear.

Overview of UNIF Clothing

UNIF Clothing distinguishes itself in the fashion industry through its high-quality, ethically sourced materials and unique design aesthetics. Known for its quirky and alternative style, UNIF combines sophistication with a distinct edge, appealing to a broad audience.

Pros of UNIF Clothing:

  • High-Quality Materials: Products are made from premium materials, including genuine leather, ensuring durability.
  • Ethical Sourcing: Commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.
  • Unique Design Aesthetics: Offers a distinctive blend of sophistication and quirkiness.
  • Comfort: Footwear is noted for its comfort and ease of wear.

Cons of UNIF Clothing:

  • Premium Pricing: High quality and ethical sourcing come with a higher price tag, which may not be accessible to all shoppers.
  • Limited Accessibility: Exclusive designs can sometimes lead to limited stock and availability.

UNIF Clothing Questions Answered:

  1. What type of products do they offer? UNIF offers a wide range of clothing and footwear, known for its unique design and high quality.
  2. What is the customer sentiment to the brand? Generally positive, especially regarding quality and ethical practices, though some note the high price points.
  3. How long have they been established? UNIF has been a significant player in the fashion industry for years, known for its distinctive style and commitment to quality.

My Rating:

My personal rating for UNIF Clothing is 8.5 out of 10.

The brand excels in offering high-quality, ethically sourced, and uniquely designed products that stand out in the fashion industry. However, the premium pricing and occasional stock limitations may affect accessibility for some consumers. For those who value unique style and ethical considerations, UNIF is a highly recommended choice.

Check out this unique and stylish shop.

ripndipclothing com

Overview of Ripndip Clothing

Ripndip Clothing is a popular novelty & fandom store that competes with other names in the industry by offering a wide range of unique and eye-catching apparel and accessories. The brand has carved out a niche for itself with its distinctive designs, most notably featuring their iconic character, Lord Nermal.

Pros of Ripndip Clothing:

  • Shipping and Returns Policies: Ripndip Clothing offers free shipping, free returns and exchanges, and international shipping, all of which have been rated highly by customers. This demonstrates the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction and global reach.
  • Company Values: The brand scores well in areas such as positive environmental practices, ethical sourcing, and a clear company mission statement, indicating a responsible approach to business and product creation.
  • Privacy Policy and Data Security: Ripndip Clothing excels in protecting customer data and ensuring website security, showing a high level of commitment to customer privacy and online safety.

Cons of Ripndip Clothing:

  • Customer Service: Despite the brand’s strengths, customer service has received mixed reviews, with some areas indicating room for improvement in providing a consistently positive experience.
  • Coupons and Discounts: The brand seems to offer limited options for price matching, competitor coupons, and other discount-related benefits, which might affect customers looking for the best deals.
  • Loyalty, Rewards, and Partnership Programs: Loyalty and rewards programs appear to be less developed compared to other brands, which could be a drawback for customers interested in long-term benefits from their purchases.

Overall Experience:

There’s no information from the brand about themselves that I could find on the store. This let’s them down in my opinion. The brand’s commitment to unique designs stands out as a major plus. However, the mixed feedback on customer service and the limited availability of discounts and loyalty programs suggest that while Ripndip Clothing offers great products, there is potential for improvement in enhancing the overall customer experience.

Given these insights, I would recommend Ripndip Clothing to those who value unique fashion choices but also advise potential customers to be aware of the areas where the brand may fall short.

My Rating

My personal rating for Ripndip Clothing Is 7 out of 10.

Considering the insights gathered, Ripndip Clothing demonstrates strong aspects in shipping, returns policies, and privacy practices. However, it shows areas for improvement in customer service and the breadth of discounts, and information around their values.

This rating reflects the high marks for their product uniqueness and the need for enhancements in customer engagement and promotional offerings. Ripndip Clothing is commendable for those who prioritize distinctive fashion but might require patience and due diligence for customers who value extensive support and savings opportunities.

For a more comprehensive view, including the latest customer feedback and detailed policies, visiting Ripndip Clothing’s website

representclo com

Overview of Represent Clo

Represent Clo, known for its luxury streetwear, has carved out a niche in the fashion industry with its unique blend of British craftsmanship and contemporary styling. As a business owner, my experience with their offerings has been largely positive, especially given their emphasis on quality materials and innovative designs.

Their website, easily navigable and user-friendly, showcases a diverse product range that appeals to a broad audience.

Pros of Represent Clo:

  • Quality of Materials: The garments from Represent Clo stand out for their durability and comfort. The fabrics used are top-notch, providing a luxurious feel that’s hard to find elsewhere.
  • Design and Variety: Their collection is always on-trend, offering everything from casual wear to more avant-garde pieces. The diversity in their catalog means there’s something for every type of customer.
  • Customer Service: My interactions with their customer service team have been satisfactory. Queries are addressed promptly, showing a dedication to customer satisfaction.
  • Shipping Efficiency: The delivery times are commendable, with orders arriving faster than expected. This efficiency is crucial for maintaining a positive customer experience.

Cons of Represent Clo:

  • Pricing: While the quality is undeniable, the price point may be a barrier for some customers. Represent Clo positions itself in the luxury segment, which isn’t accessible to all.
  • Returns and Exchanges: There have been instances where the returns process could have been more streamlined. Although not a frequent issue, it’s something to be mindful of.

Questions Answered:

  1. What type of products do they offer? Represent Clo offers a wide range of luxury streetwear items, including t-shirts, jackets, pants, and accessories, catering to a modern aesthetic.
  2. What is the customer sentiment to the brand? General sentiment towards the brand is positive, with particular praise for the quality and design of their products. However, opinions on value for money and customer service experiences vary.
  3. How long have they been established? While specific details about their establishment date aren’t mentioned here, Represent Clo has been recognized as a growing force in the luxury streetwear market for several years, consistently expanding their product line and market presence.

My Rating:

My personal rating for Represent Clo is 8 out of 10.

Their commitment to quality and design innovation sets them apart in the luxury streetwear scene. However, considering the premium pricing and occasional feedback on the returns process, there’s room for improvement. For those in the market for high-end streetwear with distinctive British flair, Represent Clo is a brand worth exploring. Their products not only appeal to contemporary fashion sensibilities but also maintain a standard of quality that justifies the investment.

eujolyn com

Overview of JOLYN Clothing

JOLYN is known for its swimwear and athletic clothing, aiming to cater to customers looking for competitive swimwear, activewear, and accessories. The company has been in business for 16 years and operates out of Huntington Beach, CA.

Pros of JOLYN Clothing:

  • Product Quality: Many customers praise the design and quality of JOLYN’s swimsuits, with specific mentions of vibrant colors, comfortable fits, and the suitability of the swimwear for ocean swimming.
  • Design Aesthetics: The unique designs and color options like the exclusive Aussie color “purple fizz” and the “mango set” received compliments for their look and received many positive comments from customers who felt confident and supported while wearing them.

Cons of JOLYN Clothing:

  • Customer Service and Return Policy: The BBB has given JOLYN an F rating, citing a high number of complaints that include issues with product/service and a failure to respond to customer disputes. Customers have expressed frustrations regarding returns, specifically mentioning a return shipping fee and lack of response from customer service.
  • Stitching Quality: Some reviews pointed out concerns with the durability of the swimsuits, specifically the stitching quality that secures the backstrap, indicating it might affect the longevity of the product.

JOLYN Clothing Questions Answered:

  1. What type of products do they offer? JOLYN offers swimwear and athletic clothing designed for competitive and leisure activities. Their product line includes swimsuits, activewear, and accessories.
  2. What is the customer sentiment to the brand? Sentiment is mixed. While there are positive reviews about the product quality and design, there are significant concerns about customer service and product durability.
  3. How long have they been established? JOLYN has been in business for 16 years, starting in 2007.

My Rating:

Considering the mixed reviews, my personal rating for JOLYN is 6 out of 10.

The products themselves seem to be well-received for their design and functionality, especially among customers looking for quality swimwear. However, potential buyers should be cautious about the customer service and return policy issues reported by some customers. It’s advisable to thoroughly review the return policy and possibly reach out to customer service with any questions before making a purchase to mitigate potential issues post-purchase.

the fashion gift shop

After researching The Fashion Gift Shop, I’ve compiled an overview based on their offerings and customer feedback. This UK-based family business, operated by a husband and wife team, prides itself on offering a wide range of fashion gifts at competitive prices. They emphasize uncomplicated, first-class customer service and have become a trusted fashion retailer over the years​​.

The Fashion Gift Shop Overview

The Fashion Gift Shop offers an extensive array of products, catering to diverse tastes and needs. Their collections include home decor, children’s bedroom decorations, gadgets and gifts, accessories, and much more. They also feature specific collections like Disney Magical Beginnings, Anne Stokes Collection, and Star Wars Collection, among others​​.

Product Range and Categories

  • Home Decor and Accessories: Offering everything from plant pots and wall art to decorative clocks and candle holders.
  • Child’s Bedroom Decor: Includes items like wall hooks, children’s rugs, decals, and clocks, designed to make a child’s space cozy and inspiring.
  • Gadgets & Gifts: A variety of unique items for different occasions, including Halloween and Christmas gifts, bottle openers, travel coffee mugs, and puzzles & games.
  • Fashion Accessories: The shop has a wide range of accessories, including bag charms, keyrings, handbags, wallets, backpacks, scarves, novelty socks, and face masks.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

While there’s no direct link to customer reviews on their website, the product range and the ethos of The Fashion Gift Shop suggest a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

They have an overall rating on of 4.97 out of 320 product reviews which is excellent

My Rating:

My personal rating for this store is 9 out of 10

The store is well laid out with easy to navigate menu structure and the ability to shop by price points as well as the usual gift categories.

For those interested in exploring unique and thoughtful gifts, The Fashion Gift Shop seems like a promising destination. Their diverse product categories cater to various tastes and preferences, ensuring that customers can find something special for themselves or their loved ones. Additionally, their commitment to customer service and providing value suggests a positive shopping experience.

For more detailed product descriptions, pricing, and to browse their latest collections, visit The Fashion Gift Shop’s official website.

obeyclothing co

Obey are probably one of the more well-known names on this list. This modern and unique fashion brand cater to those who are not afraid to make a statement with their clothing. Urban and stylish, this fashion brand works well for the younger audience and provides not just t-shirts, jeans and tops but outerwear, accessories and socks – for both men and women.

Overview of Obey Clothing

Obey Clothing, rooted in street culture and activism, offers a wide range of apparel that combines art, design, and political messaging. Founded on the principles of rebellion and individuality, Obey’s collections are more than just fashion; they’re a medium for spreading messages that challenge the status quo.

Pros of Obey Clothing:

  • Unique Design and Aesthetic: Obey stands out for its distinctive designs that blend streetwear with political and artistic expressions.
  • Quality Materials: Despite some mixed reviews, many customers appreciate the quality of materials used in their products, which ensure durability and comfort.
  • Activism and Brand Philosophy: The brand’s commitment to activism and social commentary makes it unique and resonates with a consumer base looking for more than just clothing.

Cons of Obey Clothing:

  • Quality Consistency: Some reviews mention issues with the quality after washing, indicating potential consistency problems.
  • Customer Service: There are mixed feedback on customer service, with some customers facing challenges in communication and resolution of issues.

Obey Clothing Questions Answered:

  1. What type of products do they offer? Obey Clothing offers a wide range of men’s and women’s apparel, including t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and accessories, all featuring bold designs and messages.
  2. What is the customer sentiment towards the brand? Customer sentiment appears to be mixed, with a significant number of positive reviews praising the brand’s unique designs and messaging, but some negative reviews highlight issues with product quality and customer service.
  3. How long have they been established? Obey Clothing was founded by artist and designer Shepard Fairey in 2001, emerging from the skateboarding scene and quickly becoming a cultural phenomenon.

My Rating:

My personal rating for Obey Clothing is 6 out of 10.

The brand’s strong identity, rooted in art and activism, sets it apart in the fashion industry. However, the concerns regarding product quality and customer service consistency suggest there is room for improvement. The website is not updated on time with some items showing as pre-order well past the release date.

For those passionate about street culture and political activism, Obey Clothing offers a powerful medium to express individuality and solidarity with global movements. Nonetheless, potential customers should be mindful of the mixed reviews and consider their own priorities when choosing to purchase from the brand.


Overview of Elwood Clothing

Elwood Clothing, originally a skateboarding brand from the 90s, has grown into a significant name within the streetwear industry, known for its everyday staples, vintage, and unique pieces. Their collection, inspired by vintage pieces from the 80s and 90s, is designed and curated in LA, emphasizing quality and innovation. This approach has garnered a loyal customer base globally, with the brand evolving to include fashion capsule collections, exclusive graphics, and monthly vintage drops that often sell out quickly​​.

Pros of Elwood Clothing:

  • Unique Style: Elwood Clothings unique style pays homage to vintage pieces from the 80’s and 90’s, featuring hand-distressed details and single stitching, offering a unique and edgy aesthetic that appeals to those seeking something different from traditional fashion brands​​.
  • Quality and Durability: Many customers report that Elwood Clothing offers good quality products made with durable materials, such as 100% organic cotton, ensuring that pieces stand the test of time​​.
  • Affordability: Compared to other fashion brands, Elwood Clothing is relatively affordable, making trendy clothing accessible at a lower price point​​.
  • Variety and Versatility: The brand offers a wide range of products, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and pants, featuring both loungewear staples and statement fashion pieces. This variety caters to a broad customer base, with many designs being unisex​​.

Cons of Elwood Clothing:

  • While the review does not specifically list cons, potential drawbacks could include challenges in brand recognition for lesser-known labels and the variability in shipping times, which is a common issue in the online retail space.

Elwood Clothing Questions Answered:

  1. What type of products do they offer? Elwood Clothing offers a wide variety of streetwear and vintage apparel, including t-shirts, hoodies, denim, sweatpants, jackets, and hats, all designed and curated with a unique, vintage-inspired aesthetic.
  2. What is the customer sentiment to the brand? Customer sentiment towards Elwood Clothing is highly positive, with the brand receiving an average rating of 5/5 from users on Thingtesting. Reviewers praise the brand for its reasonable pricing, trendiness, uniqueness, and high quality​​.
  3. How long have they been established? Elwood Clothing was founded in the 90s as a skateboarding brand and has since evolved into a well-respected name in the streetwear industry, indicating over two decades of presence and growth within the fashion sector​​.

My Rating:

My personal rating for Elwood Clothing would be a solid 9/10, considering the balance between style, quality, and value they offer.

Elwood Clothing stands out in the streetwear market with its vintage-inspired designs, quality materials, affordability, and variety. The brand’s focus on creating unique and durable pieces at reasonable prices makes it an attractive option for those interested in casual and trendy clothing. The positive customer feedback and the brand’s successful evolution from its skateboarding roots to a significant player in streetwear underscore its appeal and reliability.

Hopefully, the Shopify clothing Stores on this list will have given you some inspiration for your own stores and you will appreciate the importance of being unique. What you will see from this list is that every store has their own unique selling point, which is what makes them so good at what they do.

And if you were just looking for somewhere new to shop, then hopefully you have found somewhere that suits your style and budget perfectly.

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