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Salehoo Dropshipping

The Salehoo dropshipping service is one of the best dropshipping resources available.

Are you looking to get into dropshipping?

Well, Salehoo is a great option and in this post, I’ll discuss what Salehoo is, how it works, and some of the pros and cons. I’ll also provide some tips on getting started with Salehoo.

So, if you’re interested in Salehoo dropshipping, read on!

When starting out in ecommerce one thing most newbies struggle with is sourcing the products to sell. It can be a long and tedious task searching the internet for wholesalers and dropshipping suppliers.

It’s made more difficult by the fact that most wholesalers are not very well represented online.

What I mean by that is they are still working old school and not actively promoting themselves online. 

So searching Google, Bing or Yahoo doesn’t always find you the suppliers you need.

This is where Salehoo comes into play.

What Is Salehoo Dropshipping?

Salehoo dropshipping is an online directory membership program with over 8,000 suppliers and 2.5 million products worldwide. It allows you to access wholesalers, dropshipping suppliers, manufacturers and liquidators of products of every conceivable type.

Salehoo was founded by Simon Slade and Mark Ling. 

When telling his story of how Salehoo was started, Simon said

“Like you, I had a long list of challenges that made running a profitable online business more difficult than it needed to be”

I had a hard time finding wholesale and dropship suppliers with real wholesale prices…

and continued with

“The amount of information out there was overwhelming, but so much of it was out of date, low in quality, or just plain wrong”

It’s clear both Simon and Mark know the pitfalls and difficulties of sourcing dropshipping suppliers for ecommerce websites.

Salehoo based in New Zealand was founded in 2005 and currently has 30 employees.

It’s  parent company, Doubledot Media Limited was named the 23rd fastest-growing company in New Zealand on the Deloitte/Unlimited Fast 50 index  in 2014.

Salehoo Dropshipping Products
Salehoo Has A Wide Range Of Dropshipping Products

How Does Salehoo Dropshipping Work?

At the most basic level, Salehoo connects you to dropship product suppliers from all over the world.

Its a simple and intuitive business directory so there’s no massive learning curve.

It’s very easy to use. Before using the directory it’s a good idea to research the types of products you’re interested in selling or the niche you’re in.

Once you know the products you want for your store, now is the time to search the directory.

The first thing you’ll see when you login is the dashboard. From the dashboard you can access all areas of the Salehoo dropshipping platform.

The Salehoo Dashboard

How The Salehoo Dashboard Looks
This is the Salehoo dashboard

As I said earlier it’s very easy to use. You can search by product or company name to find suppliers.

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In the sidebar there are filters to narrow down the results.

Salehoo Search Filters

For example you may only want suppliers from a particular country. In this case select the country from the filters on the left. You can also filter by supplier type such as dropshipper, wholesaler, liquidator or manufacturer.

The remaining filters are:

-Min Order Value

-Worldwide Shipping

-Tax id required – Yes/No

– Product Catalog – Yes/No

As an alternative to searching you can click and browse categories. This is a great way to see lots of wholesalers and dropshippers all in one industry category.

The Product Categories

  • Adult Products
  • Business & Industrial
  • Clothing & Fashion
  • Food and Beverages
  • Shoes and Fashion
  • Video Gaming
  • Antiques & Collectables
  • Cameras & photo
  • Computers & Software
  • Health & Beauty
  • Sporting Goods & Entertainment
  • Baby Gear
  • Car & auto Parts
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Home & Garden
  • Toys & Games
  • Books & magazines
  • Cell Phones & PDA’s
  • DVD’s & Movies
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Travel & Outdoors

The Salehoo Market Research Lab?

The Salehoo Market Research Lab lets you research products and see if they’ll make you money … before you buy anything!

Using a wide range of data they show you sales trends, competition stats and ideas for hot new niches.

Therefore, you’ll be able to make your business decisions based on real data and analysis… not just guessing.

Example Results From The Salehoo Market Research Lab

Salehoo Market Research Lab
Sample Dropshipping Products From The Salehoo Market Research Lab

Is this product is too competitive?

This is one of the key questions when searching for products to dropship. Is this product well-and-truly “saturated” by other sellers? Is there so much competition that it’s driving the prices down?

The research software will give you easy-to-understand competition ratings, so you’ll know when to proceed with caution.

Also, low competition products are highlighted green, medium competition orange and high competition red, as shown in the lab toolbar below.

Salehoo Market Research Lab Toolbar
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PLUS find trusted low-cost suppliers

2017 Trusted Suppliers

They’ll find suppliers for you from the SaleHoo Wholesale Directory so you can click through and get started right away.

All suppliers in the SaleHoo Directory are individually checked and verified by them, so you know you’re dealing with a legitimate low-cost supplier.

The best part is The Market Research Lab is included with the directory membership

Join Salehoo Today and Start Researching Product Trends.

Salehoo Dropshipping Education & Training

Salehoo offers education and training to all it’s members free of charge inclusive of the membership fee.

Whatever stage you are at in your business setup, training is vital to your success. E-commerce is an ever changing landscape and you have to keep learning to make your business or store and great success.

The training is broken up into nine modules covering;
Ebay Selling, Selling on Amazon, Importing & Shipping, Product Sourcing, Business Setup, Your Website, Scam Prevention, Online Selling Tactics and a surprise Bonus Training Guide.

Amazon & Ebay Import Training Modules

  • Ebay Sales – 13 Lessons
  • Selling On Amazon – 4 Lessons
  • Import & Shipping – 8 Lessons
    Training Modules

Product sourcing, Business Setup and “Your Website” Training Modules

  • Product Sourcing – 12 Lessons
  • Business Setup – 7 Lessons
  • “Your website” – 3 Lessons
Training Modules

Scam Prevention, Online Selling Tactics and Your Free Bonus Salehoo Training Module

  • Scam Prevention – 3 lessons
  • The Bonus Guide Contains a Further 7 Training Guides
  • Online Selling Tactics is a Premium Add On to purchase separately
Training Modules

Salehoo Free Members Forum

In addition to all the benefits of the Salehoo Directory, the Research Lab and the Training modules, Salehoo also provides members with additional support through their private members forum. Forums are a great place to meet like minded people. You can ask other members for help and advice or for recommendations on certain suppliers. There are 7 main boards with hundreds of topics and thousands of posts. this is one of the best parts of the membership program. Speaking to other people who have experienced the same issues as you can be invaluable for fast tracking your success.

Can You Make Money With

This is a question which comes up a lot.

It’s quite interesting because in some ways this question is not the question you should be asking.

Think of it this way, would you ask a wholesaler “can I make money if I buy your products?” No you wouldn’t!

So why ask “Can I make Money With Salehoo?” it’s the same as asking your wholesaler to guarantee their products will sell and make you money. That’s the wrong approach.

The question you should be asking yourself is “Does Salehoo have suppliers for product x, y or z and are they at a price where I can sell for a profit?” If the answer to that question is “Yes” the you can make money with Salehoo.

Or you could ask “Will Salehoo help me find wholesalers and drop ship suppliers fast? Yes it will!

Salehoo is a tool to assist you in your business. Every business has tools like phones, computers, cars and all sorts just to keep the business running.  And Salehoo is just one of those tools.

Without products to sell and places to buy the products you’ve have no business. Salehoo will help you to find suppliers for products you’d like to sell, that’s all there is to it.

The answer is “Yes you can make money with Salehoo” If you find the right product at the right price. Which shouldn’t be hard to do with over 8,000 suppliers to choose from. You can always search Google if you have time to waste.

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How Much Does Salehoo Cost?

It costs the price of a large coffee! $5.58 per month. This is paid annually at just $67 per year, and that is crazy cheap for what you’re getting.

Personally I would say it’s too cheap for what they have on offer. The time it will save you from searching Google is priceless.

Yes, you’ll hear many people say “Search Google you can get it for free” but do you really want to spend days, weeks or even months searching for the perfect supplier?

How much is your time worth?

When you add on the Members forum which is full of small business owners just like you, AND the excellent FREE training thrown in, AND the FREE Market Research lab, all go to make Salehoo a no brainer for only $67 a year.

If you don’t think you can earn your money back on this then don’t join!

Salehoo 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Did you know that when you join, you can feel confident that you will be 100% satisfied – or you can ask SaleHoo for your money back?

Salehoo are so confident that you will love your SaleHoo membership that they even offer a 60 day money back guarantee when you join.

100% 60 Days Money Back

If you are struggling to find suppliers, I suggest you reach out to Salehoo before you ask for a refund.

You can ask SaleHoo staff to research additional suppliers outside the directory (including vetting them) and build a custom list for you!

And if you’re still not satisfied then your money will be refunded (if it’s within 60 days of signing up) no questions asked.

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Salehoo Complaints!

As with all business they have good reviews and some bad reviews. Nobody is perfect!

But what’s with the online complaints?

I’ve looked into this and from what I can find out, the complaints and poor reviews relate to the question above “Can I make Money With Salehoo?”

If we go back to the previous analogy, would you blame your wholesaler if you couldn’t sell their products?

No, it’s your own fault.

You picked the wrong product, or you paid too much, leaving very little room for profit.

Have you heard the saying “it’s a bad craftsman who blames his tools” for poor results. The same applies here.

Here is what Salehoo had to say about this.

SaleHoo complaints often come from past members who were unsuccessful in their endeavour to start an eBay or product sourcing business.

We give members all the information they need to succeed at online retail, including our SaleHoo Research Lab which is a market research tool to help you pinpoint hot niche markets, and avoid over saturated ones.

We also have a ton of guides on drop shipping, finding profitable niches, shipping and importing, and a complete guide to various product markets such as fashion, DVDs and electronics.

In addition, we have a bustling forum where members can get advice from our Community Manager and eBay selling guru Marc Ransom, as well as our other helpful support staff who are always eager to help.

The forum is a great place to get help with finding a supplier, and talk-shop with like-minded sellers who can offer you invaluable advice on your business.

As you can see, we arm our members with everything they need to know about setting up an online retail business and making plenty of sales.

But unfortunately, some new sellers believe that making money by selling on eBay or other online channels is effortless, and an easy way to make a lot of money in a very short space in time.

The truth is, running an eBay business is just like running any other business; it takes a lot of time and dedication to make it work.

There are certainly a lot of online retailers who do make very good money from their business, but they work very hard and show a lot of commitment to their business.

Here are some of the latest salehoo reviews for 2017.

Salehoo Trustpilot Rating 2017 review 2
Salehoo Review Comments

Salehoo Reviews On Trustpilot

A very friendly Customer Service

“When you feel disorientated using the Salehoo platform don’t hesitate to contact the Salehoo support team. They will be happy to help you with a friendly and professional service.”

“Salehoo team, Karen, Rhea and Marc, thanks so much for your help.”

“Cool, I was impressed by the speed of reaction and the professional answers demonstrated by Karen, impressed and happy, keep it up Karen”

salehoo Review On
Salehoo Best Company Reviews
Salehoo Trustpilot Rating

Salehoo Reviews On

The Salehoo comments

Winston Hackshaw, July 10th, Brooklyn, NY
I’m happy to have found online and the promises that the company offers. I am going to grasp this opportunity with both hands. I thank the customer service person for her expertise and the amount of invaluable information she has made available to me in so short a time.

Tom Williams, July 4th, Eastport, ME
I’m in and reading the training. I have already chosen some dropshippers I would like to work with and will be looking for more. Will start selling on ebay this week. Thanks for your quick support and direction. I like

Emiliano Islas, June 28th
Great company, I haven’t even started yet and they are already helping me with their great customer support.

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Is Salehoo Dropshipping Directory Worth The Money?

In my opinion Salehoo represents excellent value for money.

Yes you can search Google for days but with Salehoo the work is done for you.

There is excellent support, you get free add-ons like the members forum, tutorials, dropshipping supplier research and the market lab.

You’ll find it hard to find the same services and products for less.

I Say that Salehoo dropshipping is highly recommended.

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