How to Diagnose Abandoned Carts

There's nothing more frustrating than abandoned carts.

You've done all the hard work. You've setup your store, researched your products. You've analyzed your audience and you've created beautiful ads.

And then you sit back and wait, and wait and wait. But nothing happens, no sales arrghhh!

So you start to look at your site analytics and ad reports and what do you see?

Diagnose Your Abandoned Carts

You see that you have a number of abandoned carts! What the heck is going on here? If the customers have taken time to add the products to the cart then why don't they checkout?

Fear not.

Sean O'Conner over at has all the answers.

He walks you through how to Diagnose Abandoned Cart to help you sell even more

Abandoned CartsFor every jug of milk left at the candy stand, for every discarded, semi-folded pair of pants in a department store’s shoe section, there will be carts which get abandoned within your store. A cart is abandoned whenever someone at the shopping cart or one-page-checkout decides to leave the website, failing to purchase the item. Simple enough, right? How to Diagnose Abandoned Carts

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