Shopify Tutorial For Beginners – Essential Shopify Apps

Essential Shopify Apps Tutorial

Shopify Tutorial For Beginners - The Essential Shopify Apps - Video 6 Of 20

Are You Struggling To Make Your First Sale On Shopify? Watch this video series to learn step by step how to make your first sale on Shopify.

Video 6:
Video 6 of 20 In this lesson we talk about which are the essential Shopify apps to add to your store. We tell you which are the must have apps.

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Tutorial Video 6 - The Essential Shopify Apps To Have in Your Store.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Tutorial Video 6 transcript - The Essential Shopify Apps To Have in Your Store

Video 6 – Shopify Tutorial For Beginners - The Essential Shopify Apps To Have in Your Store

Hey Ezra here with you and let’s talk about the 3rd party applications that we plug into our store to make our store work better.
So, there’s some essential Shopify apps, you want a reviews widget, Exit-Intent, you want landing page builder and you want to the ability to do cart abandonment.

Those are sort of the ones that you got to have, we will talk about a few others as well but without these you’re not going to convert as well as you could.

The reviews widget, you want the reviews to have simple integration with your Shopify store, you want mobile responsive so that it looks good on mobile phones, you want it to be customisable so that it is the same colours so that it looks the same colours as your store.

Hopefully you can modify when it sends people emails and asks for reviews and hopefully it’s got rich snippets built in which when someone Googles your product or store it will say x y z store 3 stars out of 5 that’s what rich snippets means.

It’s like little mark-up data that passes to Google and tells Google what the reviews are on that product.

Obviously, you want multiple widgets so that you can show the reviews on your product offer page but maybe you but maybe you also want to show the reviews on your homepage in a floating little bar, a floating little widget that you can click on and pulls out the reviews.

Multiple widgets is a cool feature.

User generated content is a very cool feature where people can add images and ask questions and things like that.

Help Desk integration so you get email notifications when something new comes in which is also helpful and if you can get Q&A that’s great too.

The clear winner for Shopify stores and others is YOTPO. YOTPO is a phenomenal review system the only downside of it, is that it’s fairly expensive, especially, you will use their free plan to start but when you start getting into it, it gets pretty expensive so Shopify’s built in reviews widget is really good too and it's much cheaper and there’s a bunch of review widgets.

So, you don’t need to use YOTPO but you just want to make to sure that your reviews widget has some of those elements and you definitely want that review widget on your product offer pages.

Exit-Intent what is it?

Well Exit-Intent is a pop up within the browser window so it’s not an exit pop up it's more like on site re-targeting and I’ll explain that in a moment.

So, a great way to get leads pre-purchase so before someone buys they come to your product pages or they come to your store and they try to leave you pop up a message that says hey you know get this, get a piece of content and they opt in and send them back to your product offer page.

We use this very effectively now it’s very important to know that this is not an exit pop up, exit pop ups are pretty douche and what they do is basically someone tries to leave your browser window and an exit popup, pops up a new browser window they then have to x out of and close before they can get away from you, so it’s like popping a new browser window what exit-intent does is open up in the same browser window already in so it’s not intrusive in the same way that an exit pop up is, also known as on site re-targeting.

We also use on site re-targeting to incentivise people with a discount, so we use this discount where we say like hey get 10% off stick around and then we give them a coupon code.

We make a 6th of our total orders from this exit intent pop up which is amazing, so you definitely want to be using exit-intent, you definitely want to be using it to incentivise with a discount.

We use exit-intent on the store page, the product offer page and the shopping cart so those are the 3 places that we pop up this exit-intent so if someone’s on our store page, our product offer page or shopping cart and they attempt to leave we pop up this couple we’re incentive them to stick around by offering them a discount and then they stick around 1/6 of the time and they make an order.

The clear winner in this market is optimonk if you go to you can get a discount I have a deal with them where I get an affiliate commission with them so if you sign up they pay me some sort of commission.

I like to monetize my behaviour I think you should too, so if you want to use optimonk check out you can also google exit intent and also retargeting and there's probably other services out there as well.

What is cart abandonment?

Cart abandonment is basically when someone is in your shopping cart and they enter their email address in there, they enter an email address in and they are getting ready to check but they abandon, they leave before they check out.
They’ve entered an email address but then they have left. Basically, it gives you the ability to email people who added something to their cart and started to check out but bailed on the checkout.

Every shopping cart has this built in, I use Calivo in conjunction with Shopify and there’s a bunch of other tools you can use.
The point is that you want this in place, you want to be reminding people hey here’s our product line don’t forget about it you’d added this to your cart you were about the checkout please continue.

You can save a lot of sales in cart abandonment so you definitely want to do that.

What is a landing page builder?

A landing page builder is, it gives you the ability to replicate high converting landing pages it also gives you ability to quickly deploy landing pages, that’s more of the main functionality of it as it allows you to very quickly and easily deploy landing pages.

If you're using Shopify you definitely want our landing page builder Zipafy pages there’s nothing better if you’re not using Shopify there’s other options out there like lead pages and stuff like that but the point is that in your business you’re going to want a landing page builder because it’s going to allow you to easily build direct response offer pages and email landing pages and things like that.

I think Zipafy pages, I would it’s my tool, I think it’s really think it’s the best one out there for Shopify for sure. I think the best one in the world for e-commerce businesses in general but unfortunately if you’re not on Shopify it’s not going to work for you so you’re going to need a different tool.

I should also mention one click up sells no matter what platform you are using you should be doing one click up sells and you can get an immediate 12-25% increase in your average order value so think about that for a second. Every order you get will be 12-25% larger which means you can spend more money to acquire customers which means your business is going to grow, if you’re not doing post purchase one click upsells in your business right now you must, you must implement that immediately especially before you spend money on Facebook video ads.

Which is why even though this course isn’t about funnels I’m going through this stuff because if you don’t have one click up sells in stop everything go get post purchase one click up sells on your store.

Even if you're offering the same exact up sell to every product on your store because if you’re going to spend money to advertise your business you want to get the best results you possible can and the best results are going to come from a sales funnel that offers a post purchase one click up sell.

So essentially what it is, is it's saying hey someone that goes through your sales sequence they add a product to the cart they check out and most people just say thanks so much see you later but instead of leaving people on the thank you page what you do is you say hey would you like an additional item.

Add it to your order with just one click and they can click one button and add a relevant product to their order and then they go to the thank you page and it happens post purchase so after they check out and before the thank you page it’s a really great strategy.

One click up sell is an application by my company zipify apps and that works for Shopify stores. Ezra here, those are the plugins you want to include into your store to make sure that you're getting the highest conversion rate possible and that your funnel is set up and your pages set up and your funnel set up in best way possible.

See you in the next video.

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