Shopify Tutorial for Beginners Videos 4 – 5 Store Layout – Product Page

Shopify Tutorial for Beginners Videos 4 - 5

Shopify Tutorial For Beginners - Your Store layout Architecture Overview - Video 4 of 20

Are You Struggling To Make Your First Sale On Shopify? Watch this video series to learn step by step how to make your first sale on Shopify.

Video 4: In this video we talk about your store layout architecture.

We discuss how it all ties together and the sales funnel you should be using.

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Tutorial Video 4 - Shopify Store Layout - Store Architecture Overview

Watch the video below to learn more.

Tutorial Video 4 transcript - Shopify Store Layout - Store Architecture Overview

Video 4 – Shopify Store Layout - Store Architecture Overview

Hey Ezra here with you, in this video we are going to look at our core store architecture.

Our goal is to generate a sale but we kind of need to have an infrastructure of what our store and what our brand is before we can drive people there and try to sell them stuff.

So, in general your store is going to have a home page, and off that home page you’re probably going to have collections or store pages for your products.

Then you’re going to actually have product offer pages that lead to a shopping cart, you’re going to have more informational pages about us, contact us and things like that. You might have a content blog that you use.

This is what our home page looks like and you can go to, to see some of my brands.

Then we have a collection page here that kind of lays out all the different products in our store, we also do blog content, so we put a piece of content out once a week and we send it out to our subscribers.

More importantly though we have the product detail page here which is the actual offer page, the product offer page where people are going to be going to purchase your product. Then we have got more informational pages like privacy policy, about us, contact us, shipping information all the sort of informational pages that people need to know before they buy from you.

Then we have a shopping cart experience and then a check out page and a thank you page.

These are all really easy to build in Shopify it’s good that you’re in Shopify, because Shopify makes it so easy to modify via themes your cart page, your checkout pages your purchase thank you page etc.

The most common sales funnel for ecommerce that I see and people are using to be successful looks like this.

An advertisement and in our case, we are going to be concentrating on video ads they are most profitable for us, that leads directly to a product offer page.

So it skips the home pages and goes directly to a product offer page. From there our user can click "add to cart" and "check out" and buy from you.

What we are really going to be focusing on in the next couple of videos is how do you create winning product offer pages. That's because in order to get a sale you’ve got to convince someone to actually buy from you and there’s a lot a lot of stuff that goes into persuading someone to do business with you.

You got to show them why they should buy from you, you got to tell them the benefits of your products so we are going to dig really deep into the product offer page in the next video and that way when we actually go and begin amplifying our brand and sending visibility to it we will have a page that actually works.

So, thank you so much for watching I’ll see you there.

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How To Setup Your Product Page - Video 5 Of 20

Are You Still Struggling To Make Your First Sale On Shopify?

Watch This FREE 20 Video series on how to make your first sale.

Video 5 Of 20. In this video we talk about the product page. The most important page of them all. What are the winning offer page elements to have? How to setup the page correctly, how to write the descriptions and best image use?

Video 5 Transcript: How To Setup Your Product Offer Page

Video 5 – How To Setup the Product Offer Page

Hey Ezra back with you.

In this video, we are going to talk about the most important page in your entire sales funnel no matter what your sales funnel looks like whether you're using pre-selling engagement pages whether you’re just linking directly to the offer page which is by far the most important page in your sales funnel.

The product offer page or the product detail page. This is it these are the most important pages of your store the prospect is almost there. This page just needs to push them other the edge, so this page they are just interested enough to actually checkout the product.

You want to make sure this page is set up for conversions and there I go quoting myself again.

The question is traditional vs long form which is better, now the traditional page is what you will see on the left, more of a traditional ecommerce page where you got the hero shot and a carousel of images and tabbed product information that’s more traditional ecommerce. And then on the right you will see long form page which is more sort of long form left right content.

The truth is it doesn’t really matter as the elements on the page are all the same. I’m a big fan of long form offer pages but the key here is that it doesn’t much matter which kind of page you use traditional or long form as long as you have the proper elements on that page.

Let’s talk about winning offer page elements, what elements do you want to have on your product offer page?

Well you want to have multiple high-quality product images for sure. You got to show the product in use, you got to show the product looks good. You also want a well-done product description with headlines, bullets you know stuff like that.

Have good story mention the features and benefits, you definitely want a product sales video, you’re going to want a 3rd party pitch video which we will talk about that in a minute.

You want an add to cart above the fold if at all possible, meaning it's visible and don’t have to scroll to find the add to cart button.

You want to use unique selling positions in the add to cart button as I’ll show you in a moment. Image zoom is helpful where people can zoom in on the images, you got to have reviews and hopefully your reviews you're able to have like question and answer and user submitted content and images and stuff like that.

Customer video reviews which is a whole separate thing which I’ll talk to you about in a moment, so getting customers to shoot videos reviewing your product and incentivise them to do so.

Social proof images of people sort of happily using your products, selfies of people using your product and also cross sells so mentioning other products you have in your brand, you might also like essentially and also you want to lose the left navigation so you want the page to be wide open you don’t want left navigation on this page you want the whole page taken up with your product information.

Okay, lets a product sales video, hero shot, call to action button and content above the fold now on mobile you’re just going to have hero shot, call to action button and content above the fold and the video is going to be below the scroll you can check to see what it looks like on mobile.

Again, you can build these pages with our Shopify landing page builder if you don’t have Shopify you can get a designer to design this and code this for you on whatever platform that you're using. Now you will notice on the traditional page that we have the same thing, we got a video above the fold when you click that it switches over to the video.

We have got multiple images, a call to action, we’ve got nice unique selling proposition images under our call to action here under our add to cart button. We also have 3rd party pitch videos on both ways we lay out our pages we use 3rd party pitch videos.

These are essentially a 3rd party pitching your product a press videos a news video someone who is not you. Obviously, you got your sales video where you are talking about how great your product is but of course you would think your product is great so you want videos of other people, professionally produced videos of other people talking about how great your product is, if you don’t have someone to produce these videos for you I have a great contact who does 3rd party pitch videos for couple hundred bucks a piece and they are really good we actually use them on be friendly you can check them out.

In fact, the main video that you see on this page was produced by that company. Multiple high-quality images and image zoom so the ability for people to be able to see your products very easily. A unique selling proposition images under your add to cart button, and if you're using a traditional page go for the tabbed product information so that you’ve got the information they need in tabs.

Just so you know the tabbed product information came standard in e-commerce because people were trying to fit more content above fold, now that people scroll you can do long form left right content which is my favourite type of content, where you lay out the content of your product in a long form left right format where you have got headlines, bullet, image, headline, bullets laid out going down the page.

Now customer video reviews are really important what we do is incentivise people to leave us a video review so after they buy from us we send them an email and we also send them to a landing page and we say hey we will give you a 10-dollar gift certificate to our store if you give us a video of you, shoot it on your iPhone, email it in, helps with conversion and we also say hey you might also like these other products.

It's also beneficial to have traditional reviews on your pages so it’s sort of traditional ecommerce reviews where people leave text and maybe even image reviews of your products, you going to want to use a reviews widget for that which we will talk about later on in the module.

This kind of what the page looks like where we got hero shot, text snippets, sales videos, call to action button, a long form left right content, reviews, video testimonial reviews and then you might also like cross sells so this is how we lay out our page, then we have got a whole footer.

If you go to our website you can see our footer and how that’s laid out and also these templates are available inside of our landing page building which give you the ability to copy our templates. This is what more of a traditional ecommerce page looks like where it’s a much shorter page but it still has the same elements and it’s also got the reviews and you may also like etc.

There’s not really a wrong way to do this as long as you have the proper elements, you will see ebags and zappos here have the same elements even though the pages are laid out much differently they’ve got high quality images, they’ve got videos, they’ve got you might also like, they’ve got reviews, they’ve got the call to action button, they’ve got unique selling proposition so you want to make sure that your offer pages are optimized for conversions that’s my main point here.

Make sure your product offer page is optimized for conversions because if it’s not, if you get all this work to get someone to your product offer pages and then your page is optimized, it doesn’t have a sales video, it doesn’t have a customer video, it doesn’t have good sales copy, it doesn’t have left right content then why did you go and do all this work?

So again, this course isn’t really about the funnel I want you to understand how to make good quality landing pages so that when people do get to your pages they’ve got the best chance of actually taking you up on the offer you're making.

Ezra here see you in the next one.

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