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Shopify Tutorial For Beginners – Thanks For Watching

Thanks For Watching - Video 20 Of 20

Are You Struggling To Make Your First Sale On Shopify?

Watch this video series to learn step by step how to make your first sale on Shopify.

Video 20:
Video 20 of 20. In this video we would just like to say thank you and provide you with some additional resources you can use to help you to get your first sale on shopify.

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Tutorial Video 20 - Thanks For Watching.

Watch the video below to learn more.

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Tutorial Video 20 Transcript - Thanks For Watching

Video 20 – Shopify Tutorial - Thanks For Watching

Hey Ezra here and I just want to say thank you so much for going through this training.

You now know everything that you need to know to get your first sale on Shopify.

Just do it, that’s the secret, the secret is consistency there’s no kind of secret trick that if you only knew then you would be making a lot of sales.

The only secret is to show up every day and put work in and do what I suggested here.

Get your product offer pages built properly, have a nice high-quality product demonstration video, put that demonstration video in front of people relevant to that product on Facebook and lead back to that offer page so get those basics in place and I’m very confident that you will be able to make sales.

You got the team at Shopify behind you that’s a great strong company they want you to succeed.

I want you to succeed so let me know what you thought of this training programme please put it into place.

I look forward to seeing your business grow on behalf of Shopify and my company I thank you so much for watching.

I’ll see you soon.

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