Shopify Tutorial for Beginners – Shopping Cart & Checkout Page

Shopify Tutorial - Shopping Cart & Checkout Page

Shopify Tutorial For Beginners - Shopping Cart & Checkout Page - Video 7 Of 20

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Video 7:
Video 7 of 20.

In this lesson we talk about the Shopify shopping cart and checkout page.

How to optimise and what not to do!

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Tutorial Video 7 - The Shopping Cart and Checkout Page.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Tutorial Video 7 transcript - The Shopping Cart and Checkout Page

Video 7 – Shopify Tutorial For Beginners - The Shopping Cart And Checkout Page

Hey, Ezra here.

Back with you and continuing our journey of optimizing pages I just want to quickly talk about the shopping cart and checkout pages we use on our store to make our store convert as best as it possibly can.

So, the shopping cart not a whole lot to understand here about shopping cart pages and most e-commerce stores are going to come with a pretty decent shopping cart page but some of the main elements here are that you want to have multiple calls to action so multiple ways that people can move from the shopping cart to the check out.

You want to use the isolation effect so you want those buttons to be different colour to everything else on the page so that when people get to the shopping cart they can very easily see how to continue to the check out.

And you also want to have a progress bar to let people know where they are in the process of checking out. Security and guarantee symbols are really important and also you want to have a left navigation with links to all the relevant contact info so people don’t have to leave your shopping cart to get access to the content they need like returns information and shipping information and stuff like that.

You want that stuff really visible from the shopping cart a lot of the time people abandon the shopping cart looking for information like that and also obviously product image from the cart and those things and that’s going to come standard in any shopping cart today.

If you have a shipping calculator where people can actually calculate what shipping is going to cost that is a really sweet feature it does help conversion rate and then I like to have the ability for customers to be able to log in because we get a lot of returning customers don’t have to have customer accounts but it is a good thing to have.

As you can see here we have our left menu where you can get access to the information they need we’ve got the multiple check out buttons that are using the isolation effect so it’s the only time you see that specific colour. On this page, we got a progress bar and we got security symbol and we got a little comment box and obviously you can what products are in your shopping cart.

So that’s our shopping cart here’s crate a barrel they are great e-commerce advertisers and then Zippos so you can kind of see that a lot of folks are doing similar, these folks have multiple calls to action some of the same elements so you want to add those elements to your shopping cart page.

Now your checkout is pretty straight forward and most of the time you can’t actually modify checkout very much like most checkouts are pretty static. So, like Shopify doesn’t give you a whole lot room to modify check out but that’s OK it converts quite well.

Congruency it’s got to look like the shopping cart they were just in, want to have multiple payment options Amazon, apple pay, PayPal, credit card as many payment options as you can add is a good thing.

Single page checkout or a page that works like step 1 step 2 step 3 is really good kind of the way Shopify is laid out.

If they are moving from page to page and each page works different that’s not so good. And finally, a coupon field so if your using coupons in your marketing you want to make sure that it’s easy for them to enter them coupons into the coupon field.

Ezra here for the shopping cart and checkout page simple stuff but stuff that I feel you should know about your shopping cart and your checkout page.

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