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Shopify Tutorial For Beginners – How To Setup The Facebook Pixel

Shopify Tutorial For Beginners - How To Setup The facebook Pixel - Video 9 Of 20

Are You Struggling To Make Your First Sale On Shopify?

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Video 9:
Video 9 of 20.

In this lesson we talk about how to setup and install your Facebook Pixel or Pixel ID

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Tutorial Video 9 - How To Setup the Facebook Pixel.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Tutorial Video 9 transcript - How To setup the Facebook Pixel

Video 9 – Shopify Tutorial For Beginners - How To setup the Facebook Pixel

Hey, Ezra here.

In this video, we are actually going to be implementing the Facebook pixel on our Shopify store what’s beautiful is that Shopify has a native integration to Facebook it just makes it so, so easy to implement your Facebook pixel on your Shopify store and get all of the data you need.

So that first thing that you’re going to need is a Facebook account so let’s head on into Facebook and I’ll show you what an account looks like.

All right so here I am inside of Facebook account as you can see we spend a lot of money with Facebook we are averaging around 10,000 dollars a day in ad spend right now and we are turning many times that in sales on our store.

I went to and that’s where you go to actually create your Facebook account if you don’t have one.

Most of you have a Facebook account.

So once you have a Facebook account, what you want to do is from the drop down menu.

This is a Facebook advertisement account.

Click on all tools and then pixels.

When you do that you will either need to create a pixel.

To create a pixel there is going to be a big button saying create pixel but if you already have a pixel what you want to do is get the pixel ID so this is the pixel id right here.

It’s going to be on the top right hand corner once you enter into your pixel dashboard, so you want to copy the pixel id from your Facebook account and then you want to come into the back end of your Shopify store.

Now from the back end of your Shopify store you want to click on online store under sales channels, when you do that it’s going to pull up a sub menu and from the online store sub menu you want to press preferences and that is going to bring you to your store preferences.

You’re going to have your title tag, your google analytics and stuff like that but what we are concerned about is your Facebook pixel.

So, what you do is you just paste your pixel into the box that’s there and you click save.

And then you scroll down to the very bottom of the page and mines greyed out because there’s nothing for me to save here but when you scroll to the very bottom of the page.

Right there, there is going to be a save button click that and that’s it, your Facebook pixels integrated to Shopify that’s all it takes copy the Facebook pixel id from your Facebook account come over to your online store preferences and save that into Facebook and you’re going to have a Facebook pixel that is active on your store so get that done.

I’ll see you in the next video.

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