Shopify Tutorial For Beginners- How To Make Your First Sale

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Shopify Tutorial For Beginners - How To Make Your First Sale - Introduction

Starting your Shopify store and setting it up can be great fun.

You've added all your products, sorted the shipping and refunds information, it all looks great and your ready to go. But what next?

How do you create sales, how do you become the next success story with Shopify?

Luckily for you, we have the ideal solution to your problem.

A FREE 20 Video Training Course On How to Get Your First Sale On Shopify Using Facebook Ads.

This FREE Shopify training course includes 20 video modules including transcripts. We cover everything you need to know to make your first sale using Facebook ads, something we know many of you are struggling with.

We explain about campaign optimisation, how and where to place your pixel, how to differentiate yourself from the competition, how to setup your offer pages and much more.

Introduction - Welcome From Ezra.

Before we begin let's introduce you to your tutor. He is an $18m a year shopify marketer many of you will know, his name is Ezra Firestone.

Watch the video below to learn more and what to expect.


Video Introduction Transcript - Video Shopify For Beginners Intro

Hey, my name is Ezra Firestone and I’m here to help you get your first sale on Shopify.

Now Shopify as you probably already know is the most powerful ecommerce platform in the world so having made it to getting a Shopify store is a really good first step.

I remember when I made my first sale online it was the year was around 2007 the first thing that I sold was a fake moustache, that’s right I was in the moustache and wig business and it was so exciting when I got that first sale, it was just like, it felt like the possibilities were endless.

Now since that time I’ve scaled my Shopify business to over 8 figures a year so right up around about 18 million dollars in revenue this year in our Shopify business.
So, throughout this training I’m going to take you through what you need to know to get your first sale.

Now there’s a lot of stuff to know about ecommerce. It’s like an endless pool of knowledge but there’s some specific things that are really important you need to have in place to get your first sale. And that’s what this training is going to be focused on.

What do you need to have in place to get a sale on your store. That’s where we are going to go, and after that there’s a bunch of places you can go but you’ve got to get that first sale to get started.

So we are going to be talking about things like how to build your product offer page properly, how to drive people to your store using Facebook advertising and some of the basic fundamental things which you need in your store.

I’m super happy to be that one to be able to take you through this training I really look forward to it.

In the next video, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself so you know who I am and what you can expect of me in this course. Then we'll dive right in to getting things set up to get you to get your first sale on Shopify.

Thanks for watching. See you there.

How To Make Your First Sale - Meet Your Tutor Video 1

Meet Your Tutor Ezra Firestone; Who is Ezra and why should we listen to him?

Shopify For Free

Video 1 Transcript – Meet Your Tutor Ezra

Hey, so I wanted to give you a few details about me so you can kind of know who I am and why you should listen to me frankly.

So, my name is Ezra Firestone I am the co-founder and chief marketing officer at Boom! By Cindy Joseph and I am the founder and CEO of a company called

A few things about me I own and operate one 8 figure Shopify store that will do about 17 million dollars this year and two other 7 figure e-commerce brands, one of which is on Shopify and another one which is built on WordPress it’s not really an e-commerce platform.

I’m a professor at the Shopify eCommerce University and I’m recognised as one of America’s leading eCommerce educators by Forbes, Entrepreneur, Practical eCommerce and more. And I’m also a consultant to Fortune 500 and 9 figure e Commerce retailers that kind of bring me in when they need some growth or they need a growth strategy and more importantly I have thousands of successful students and case studies.

So, I can help you get more from your store I can help you make your first sale. These are just some social proof to show that I actually do this stuff.

On the left is one of my Shopify dashboards and on the right, is one of my Amazon dashboards so we do really really well so that’s me.
So, who are you?

Your anyone who wants to grow an e-commerce business maybe you’re an agency who supports an e-commerce business or you’re an owner/operator or you are a consultant or project manager or maybe you’re just a marketing nerd.

You’re anyone who wants to make a sale on a Shopify store now our goal with this course is to leverage paid advertising and conversation rate optimization best practices to get your first sale on Shopify that’s what this whole thing is about now what you can expect of me is that I’ll be an open book.

Everything that I’ve learned in 11 years of e-commerce is going to be documented and shared, geared towards making you have your first sale.
I’ll make it enjoyable and I’m committed to your success and to that end I will clearly document the marketing process, strategies and funnels you need to be successful and get your first sale on Shopify.

What I will expect of you is that you play full out give it all you’ve got and actually implement this stuff because if you actually do it you’re going to get that first sale you’ve been looking for Ezra here.

I’ll see you in the next video.

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