Shopify Tutorial For Beginners – Facebook Audience Insights

Shopify Tutorial For Beginners - Facebook Insights

Shopify Tutorial For Beginners - Facebook Audience Insights - Video 13 Of 20

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Video 13:
Video 13 Of 20.
In this lesson we talk about Facebook Audience Insights, how to select the right audience to advertise to and how to create a saved audience to target on Facebook.

How to build up a customer profile or avatar to help you sell more.

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Tutorial Video 13 - Facebook Audience Insights.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Tutorial Video 13 Transcript - Facebook Audience Insights

Video 13 – Shopify Tutorial For Beginners - Facebook Audience Insights

Hey Ezra here with you.

And in this video, we are actually going to building the audiences that we want to create to put our message in front of them.

So these are the people that are actually going to be seeing our advertisements.

Now, from within your Facebook dashboard what you want to do is click this drop-down menu and you will notice that under plan you have this tool called Audience Insights.

I wanted to quickly show you audience insights because it’s another powerful way to get ideas of people who might be interested in buying from you.

So, you click on audience insights and it’s going to launch a tool that you will be able to leverage to kind of see data on groups of people on Facebook.

It’s going to ask you do you want to start with everyone on Facebook? Just click yes and what you can do then is here on the left menu you can say I want people who are 30, 29 and older who are men.

So, let’s just you know assume that’s potential your demographic. Facebook is going to say that’s 46% of Facebook in general. Everyone in Facebook 46% are over 29 and male, 22% are between 25-34. 28% of those people are 35-44 and then you can see information about them.

For example, different fan pages that they like, these men like national rifle association or Dos Equis or the USCCA or Ted Nugent, right? You can see what locations the men on Facebook are mostly in.

You can see things like what they purchase, the different things they purchase and if you want to be even more granary you can say give me men who are 25 years old who are interested in drag racing let’s just say for example.

So, you put drag racing in here and then you click on page likes, and page likes is really the one I like to use a lot.

And you can see that people, guys that are 29 and older are if they like drag racing they are going murder nova fan page or the street out laws fan page or the farm truck AZN fan page and what I like to do is leave audience insights open while I’m building out the groups of people I want to put my message in front of and I actually want you to build out 5 different audiences that you might target on Facebook to see who might buy from you. Basically, what you’re going to do is leave this open and in another tab, you’re going to go into your Facebook dashboard you’re going to click on the drop-down menu and you’re going to click on audiences.

Audiences are the groups of people that you can build out a whole different bunch of audiences, people who visited your website, people who have watched your videos and things like that but for now our goal is to just get one sale so we are not really worrying about retargeting and thinks like that we are just worrying about that top line visibility.

So, for getting new people to know about you what you want to do is create what’s called a saved audience. So, within audiences you’re going to click the drop-down menu and you’re going to click create saved audience.

This is going to be a group of people you have saved into your audience’s section so that you can then target them later when actually setting up an advertisement. I’m going to call this audience targeting 1, I’m going to call it men, USA and then I’m going to call it motor cross, oh no I’m going to call it drag racing because we are doing drag racing so I’m going to call it drag racing one.

So, I like to name these audiences so I know okay this is men its united states its drag racing interests sometimes I’ll even do like 29 plus because that’s the age range I’m going for here. What I want to do now is in the, I can leave it in the entire united states that’s a good place to start but you can also narrow down.

You could say maybe I want people who are in Texas or I want people who are in Florida, California, New York, Pennsylvania some of the bigger buying states. I’m going to change the age range here to 29 plus and in general if you are selling stuff on Facebook 30 years and older is kind of the market that has money then people under 30 so it’s a good to target people above 30 as a general rule.

I’m going to select men. And then here under detailed targeting I get to put in some of these interests that I think people are interested in.

This is where the information from your who what framework comes in to play so basically people you think might be interested in your product.

For example I’m now back in the audience insights tool, I put in 29 years and older. I put in drag racing and I got some fan pages, murder nova is a fan page. So I’m going to copy murder nova and I’m going to paste that into the interests and not every time will the interests that you find in audience insights show up here in your saved audiences.

But most of the time they will so I’m going to select that and now what they can see is that they are 710,000 men who are 30 plus in the united states who are interested in murder nova I think that’s really too bigger group for you to start with because the goal is to get your first couple of sales so we want to start with sort of more wiggled down smaller or niche groups of people.

So, we have a better chance of converting from.

So, what I like to do is narrow the audience so I want people who are interested in murder nova and also interested in another fan page for example lets grab street outlaws here.

So now I’m saying Facebook give me men who are 30 plus who live in the United States who are interested in Murder Nova and also are interested in whatever this other one was doesn’t look like it copied, street outlaws let’s just copy that paste it over here, looks like it is showing up and now when I scroll back up here I can see that’s only 160,000 people so that’s about right.

Between 50 and 200 thousand is where we want this to end up. Any smaller than 50,000 is probably a little too small although it can work I have audiences of 20 thousand people that work really well, so if you really, really wanted to get even narrower which might be too narrow at that point but let’s try it, let’s grab this fan page and see if we can also say they must also be interested in this thing whatever this fan page is farm trucks 130 thousand.

So, look at that, basically we got men who 30 plus who are a fan of murder nova, street outlaws and farm truck and AZN which are all fan pages that people who are into drag racing like.

So, if I had drag racing products I would totally target this group, I’m just going to save that and what I like to do actually is come up here and say drag racing dash 1 because I’m probably going to do another drag racing one 29 plus and then all I do is click create audience. Now in my audience’s section I have a T1 Targeting 1 Men USA Drag Racing interests 130,000 people.

I’m actually going to delete that because I don’t want it to save into my audiences but I’m now going to create another one just so you can see, I’m going to go saved audience.

This is going to be targeting 2, it’s also going to be men, it’s also going to be, and this time I’m going to go just New York, just New York maybe New York and California they are good states for selling so New York and California and I’m going 29 plus and I’m doing drag racing interests two, this is my 2nd drag racing group.

I’m going to under location I’m going to narrow this to New York and I’m going to just do California. Just so I’m only targeting people who live in New York and California, who are men, who are 30 plus and who are interested in, you know you can put other stuff in here, you can put other interests or you can put brands or anything from your who what framework you came up with.

So, like supermarkets that they go to or news sources that they follow things like that, you can put those other here in interests and then you’re going to get more information over here such as what fan pages they like or things that they are likely to purchase, so pet products look at that.

These people are 10% more likely than the rest of Facebook to purchase pet products so I might say I want men who are into pet products, and I’m going to grab pet care products here so this is a purchase behaviour for pet care products so men that have displayed interest for purchasing pet care products which is 985,000 people and then I might mix it up and say also want men who, and I come over here to page likes, like gear heads fan page so I’m going to grab that and say ok they purchased a pet product and then I’m going to narrow the audience.

I always do this, it’s called stacking interests or stacking behaviours and here we go here’s another fan page called speed society.

So I’m going to say interested in pet care products and a fan of the speed society fan page and that’s 15,000 people now the reason it’s so small is because it’s just California and New York but hey look that’s 15,000 guys who are 30 plus who live in California and new York who have shown interest in pet products and who are also fans of the speed society fan page.

So while I can’t spend a whole lot of money I can probably spend like 10 dollars a day advertising to this group it might be very profitable.

I’m going to go ahead and save that as my second audience and so you can see that using the who what framework using inspiration from the audience insights tool and then building saved audiences in your saved audiences section on Facebook which again you go to the drop-down menu and audiences and from within there you can click saved audience.

What I want you to do is create a minimum of 5 groups of people that you think might be interested in your product so go into Facebook play around with audience insights find some fan pages or some purchase behaviours or any other information that Facebooks given you about the group of people who you think might be interested in your products and build out some saved audiences that we will then use when we actually build out or advertising.

Before we build out our advertising campaign we need to create a video to put in front of people.

So I’ll see you in the next video where we will talk about what kind of video advertisement you might want to use.

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