Shopify Tutorial For Beginners – Facebook Advertising With Video

Shopify Tutorial - Advertising With Videos

Facebook Advertising With Video Ads - Part 1 - Video 14 Of 20

Are You Struggling To Make Your First Sale On Shopify?

Watch this video series to learn step by step how to make your first sale on Shopify.

Video 14:
Video 14 Of 20.
In this lesson we talk about Facebook Advertising With Video Ads, why you should use video ads and why they are better than just image ads

How to build up a customer profile or avatar to help you sell more.

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Tutorial Video 14 - Facebook Advertising With Video Ads.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Tutorial Video 14 Transcript - Advertising With Video Ads - Part 1

Video 14 – Shopify Tutorial - Facebook Advertising With Video Ads - Part 1

Hey Ezra here and this is the first of two videos on videos.

Now I really do think it’s important that you leverage a video to advertise your product in order to get your first sale because if you just have an image of the product your kind of leaving open the product offer page it’s really not as dynamic there’s really not as much going on, it’s not as engaging for people so it’s a lot harder to get that sale.

Then if you have a video that kind of shows the benefit of the product that your selling, now like I said most folds I see look like, video advertisement to a product offer page and then to the shopping cart and checkout and earlier in the training programme I told you about some ways to optimize your product offer page and optimize your checkout by doing things like offering one click up sells.

So, here’s a few examples of videos. This is a cool video here of a guy, its demonstrates the benefit of ownership really well. It’s like a beard bib so you put it on around your neck and you stick it to the mirror while your shaving so you don’t leave a bunch of stuff on the sink, a bunch of hair on the sink if your shaving and upset your wife or girlfriend and then it leads to a product offer page about that product.


This is a video here where it’s kind of a cool video its literally just a customer testimonial so it’s one of their customers been like man I really love this product it’s awesome and then it leads directly to their product offer page.

This video was cool, actually it was leading to a kick starter page and it really just shows the benefit of the product. It was just a video it had no sound no music, nothing it showed that this electric skateboard drive could fit on any skateboard so it was kind of like a gif of different skateboards which was really cool. Which lead to the product offer page which in this case was kick starter.

These guys did a great job of showing the benefits of their product where it showed what the product could do for you, sort of one of these selfie sticks that makes it look like the video is flying around.

Very cool. Lead to a product offer page. These guys sell shorts they’ve got a video of people dancing around in their shorts and then it goes to their product offer page.

This video was kind of cool and don’t worry I’m going to actually tell you what I think should be in your video I just want to give you a couple of examples first. This video was kind of cool it was more of a story based video, it was one of these tags that you put on stuff and then you can find it later if you lose it, and he said hey I’m going to put this tag on this bike and I’ll let the bike get stolen and I’m going to track it down and the whole thing was on video it was really a very engaging advertisement.

Then here is a video for a food box basically and it kind of shows you the food you would get, it shows you opening the box, the food looking really fresh. Again, it leads to an offer page but just demonstrating the owner ship benefit of the product it’s really important think in these videos even if they are short. I happen to be a fan of longer videos but we will talk about the different styles of videos in a moment.

Now I want to give you some statistics why videos are so important. 64% of all internet traffic globally is video consumption so people love to consume videos. On average products with a video on the offer page enjoy 88% more time spent on that offer page.

50% of users who watch videos on their mobile device use them to decide on product purchases so half the videos been watched are in relationship to some kind of a sales funnel. Product videos are watched 60% of the time.

3/5 people will spend at least 2 minutes watching a product video and shoppers who view a product video are 174% more likely to purchase so they really, really work that’s why we want to use them as our ads.

Now when people ask me kind of where the holy grail of product videos examples I would say kick starter. Kick starter videos are so well done if you go to kick starter and you look at the top most funded kick starter campaigns you will see real incredible ownership benefit story based product videos and that’s the kind of product videos that you need.

So, what is the best video?

Well what makes a really, really good video is it shows the product in use. Displays the ownership benefit , tells a good story, includes social proof meaning it contains people saying other than you.

Like customer testimonials or proof of the product working.

It overcomes objections, so has people think man I really want to buy that and over comes whatever objection they might have to making that purchase. And there’s a strong call to action in the video saying hey go ahead and purchase this you can get a discount checkout our offer page.

So that’s really what’s in a great video and in the next video what we will do is we will actually break down some videos that are out there that people are actually using to sell their products. So you can kind of see some examples of what people doing and then we will actually move on to setting up our ad campaign.

So after you watch the next video which is just going to be a breakdown of some other advertisements some companies that are out there advertising using videos so you can see this out in the wild what I want you to do is create a video for your product.

Create a video for your product a video for your offer and then in the video after that we are actually going to begin setting up our ads I’ll see you there.


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