Shopify Tutorial For Beginners – Complete Your Facebook Ads Setup

Shopify Tutorial - Complete Your Facebook ads Setup

Complete Your Facebook Ads Setup - Video 17 Of 20

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Video 17:
Video 17 Of 20. In this lesson we talk about completing your facebook ad setup. We cover the different ad formats with more focus on the video ad format. Also call to actions and text introductions.

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Tutorial Video 17 - Complete Your Facebook Ads Setup.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Tutorial Video 17 Transcript - Complete Your Facebook Ads Setup - Part 2

Video 17 – Shopify Tutorial - Complete Your Facebook Ads Setup

Alright here we are and we are continuing set up of our campaign.

We’ve chosen our objective we’ve set up of first ad set.

Now we want to build out our advertisement, we are going to use a single video there’s a bunch of advertisements you can do single image, a slideshow, canvas which is kind of a fancy thing for mobile, carousel but the one you want to do is a video.

That’s the one you have the best chance of success with and what you get to do is click this upload button and actually upload your video. I already have some videos in my video library so I’m going to go ahead and choose one of the videos I already have in here and click select.

Facebooks going to be begin actually uploading that video it will take a few minutes.

Then you get to choose a thumbnail so whatever thumb nail that you want to represent your video, it’s not super important because the video auto plays in news feed, or you can upload your own custom thumbnail.

Facebook is going to recommend some aspect ratios for your video so 16:9 this is what if you turn an iPhone sideways it will shoot in this format here but I’m sure your videos will have good aspect ratio if you had it produced by yourself or someone that you know or a professional.

Choose your thumbnail and as you scroll down, now you get to actually edit the captions, so basically these are the things that are going to play on mobile when the sound is off.

So, when people start watching your video on mobile it just starts playing for them, the captions are going to show up until they click on it to turn the sound on. So, you really want to have these on your video, they are big help, so you click the edit button and what Facebook is going to do they are going to automatically transcribe it, it’s really funny what they put in here it doesn’t actually transcribe very well so you want to listen to the video and as it goes, you will see ill just play this and you get to modify what’s in these boxes.

So actually, translate it as it goes and that way what’s going to happen is your video will have really nice captions when it plays on mobile so you want to go through and do this video translation thing and then click the save to video button to get those captions on to your video.

As you scroll down to see an actual example of what your ad is going to look like on Facebook.

I’m going to actually zoom out a little bit so you can see this a little better.

Here you can see what the ads going to look like on Facebook, what you want to do is choose your Facebook fan page, you can see this one is the Ezra Firestone fan page but as this one isn’t for Ezra Firestone you’re going to want to choose a different fan page.

On the right is actually what we are going to be seeing, desktop newsfeed and what it’s going to look like on a mobile news feed.

What I want to do now is put the URL of my offer page into this field, so this is where you are going to be directing people so once this video ends, or they click the link in the video or underneath the video it’s going to take them to product offer page, so this is where you would put a link to your product offer page.

So, I’m going to grab a link to my product offer page and paste it in there. Now you will notice what happened, when I put my URL in there Facebook dynamically inserted a headline and text into my ad unit.

I really don’t want them to do that, it’s not a deliberate headline it’s not a deliberate text, so I want to write custom content that relates to this video for the headline and text field, which I’ve done, going to paste in here now so you can take a look at it.

The text field here on the left shows up here above the video, now I’ve got incredible story about Cindy Joseph who’s the public figure behind my brand and then I’ve got a link to my offer page right here again so you would say check out my product here.

That way they’re watching the video and can click the link text above and that link is also on a mobile phone to click over to your offer page. I always like to have 2 senses of text and a link to my offer page above the video, then below the video I have my headline.

Shocking Story of Silver haired super model and then I have this call to action learn more but I recommend changing that to shop now.

So that people are framed properly so they know when they click this button it’s time to shop so I change that call to action to shop now, so now someone could click on this link right here the headline, shop now they could click this link to get in to the offer page so click over from Facebook to your product offer page.

Now as we continue down you will notice that there are some advanced options you don’t have to put anything in here but what I do want you to make sure is that your pixel is tracking, that this thing is lit up and green, Facebook is going to track your pixel on this ad.

Now you will also notice that when the video ends we end our video with a customer testimonial, whatever you select up here for shop now is going to show up and that’s also going to be clickable to the website URL you put in for that ad.

So, when the videos actually over they can also click it and it will take you to your product offer page and I recommend not ending your video with an outro animation, a lot of people like to do these outro animations but I like to have it cut directly to the call to action shop for my product and to make it even fancier what you can do is you can put in a display link here.

I’m going to put in under advanced options display link and then what’s going to happen is when this video ends after someone has watched it all way to the end you can see, as this counts down when its finally over its going to display shop now it’s also going to display my advanced option display link see that, it’s got shop now and the URL.

It looks a little prettier so you will probably want to fill out under advanced options and display link as well, then what you do is click the review order button and it’s going to say ok you have 1 campaign, you have an objective of website conversions, ad set called targeting one, and your targeting you’re going for people on desktop news feeds and its 10 dollars a day and this is the advertisement you created you can either place the order or save it to a draft.

I want you to save it to a draft because we actually going to create another ad set so click the save to draft button. Now inside of your power editor which is where we are creating this you have a new campaign set up.

That campaign has an ad set within it, the ad set within that campaign has an ad. SO what we want to do is duplicate this ad set. What you need to do is uncheck this right here so that we see this whole thing, now this little editor allows you to edit ad set or you can switch over to the campaign view and you can edit this campaign.

I’m going to go into the ad set so that I’m looking at it, I’m going to make sure its checked, and I’m going to click the duplicate button and when it pops up its going to say do you want to keep the same campaign and how many duplicates do you want?

So, I’m going to say yes keep the same campaign and I want 1 duplicate. Click create, now when I do that its actually going to open up the duplicated ad set you will notice it says targeting 1 video ads dash copy.

I’m going to get rid of the dash copy, I’m going to change this to targeting 2 the only difference between this one and the other one is who we are putting this in front of. it’s still going to go on the Facebook feeds, its optimizing for add to cart, it’s still 10 dollars a day.

What we are going to do is select one of our saved audiences, we saved 5 audiences so that we can target our advertisement to a different group of people.

So, I’m going to go ahead here and I’m going to select targeting 2 which is the drag racing one with 17000 people so all set, so basically within this particular ad set when I duplicated it also duplicated the advertisement, so what I’m going to do is come in here and edit the ad name which is going to be called creative 1 dash targeting 2 and never actually changed the ad name over here so I’m going to do this and this going to be creative 1 dash targeting 1.

Now if your lost let me just explain that one more time. So, what we had was a campaign and that had 1 ad set called targeting 1 and within that one ad set we had one ad that I just changed the name of creative 1 targeting 1 that we set up.

We selected that ad set and we duplicated it, and when we did so it also duplicated the ad that was within the ad set.

So we renamed this ad set so we duplicated it, we renamed it we changed who it was targeting to target someone differently even though its starting a different group of people.

And then we came over to the ad that was within in, the ads the same ad its exactly the same we don’t want to change the ad, the video is good, the text is good we just want it to be put in front of a different group of people.

So what we did was just change the name to creative 1 targeting 2 I want you to do that within all the saved audiences that are in budget to run.

So basically go ahead create a campaign, create an ad set, create an ad and then duplicate it and target different group of people at about 10 bucks a day for each one then put it live.

When you are ready to go you click review changes and you’re going to upload that live to Facebook. In the next video, what we will do is review some of the results and look at what’s working and what’s not working.

Ezra here that’s how you set up your first advertising campaign get it done and I’ll see you in the next video.

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