Shopify Tutorial For Beginners – Advertising With Video Ads Part 2

Shopify Tutorial - Advertising With Video Part 2

Facebook Advertising With Video Ads - Part 2 - Video 15 Of 20

Are You Struggling To Make Your First Sale On Shopify?

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Video 15:
Video 15 Of 20.
In this lesson we talk about Facebook Advertising With Video Ads, why you should use video ads and why they are better than just image ads

How to build up a customer profile or avatar to help you sell more. This is part 2 of 2 videos.

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Tutorial Video 15 - Facebook Advertising With Video Ads.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Tutorial Video 15 Transcript - Advertising With Video Ads - Part 2

Video 15 – Shopify Tutorial - Facebook Video Ads Review- Part 2

So here you can see I’m in my Facebook saved, I just went to

To see everything that I have saved, looks like I’ve saved 74 links, 10 products and this is in addition to the spreadsheet that I have.

These are just ones that as I have been going through my own Facebook feed and when I see ads I’ve saved them and so I’ll just go ahead and take a look at some of these and walk you through them.

So, the first one that we have here is from a company called Glossier, which is a company that advertises to me, I have a makeup brand and somehow, they’ve targeted me, may I looked at one of their products one time as a makeup consumer so when I click on the post here that this ad was running on we can see that basically, there’s no ad copy other than tint is better than foundation.

I guess they are just saying hey look this is a different potential for foundation and what they are doing in this video is it’s a straight product demo.

Product demo videos are fantastic it’s like hey look at how this product could work for you and then it’s got a headline that says makeup that looks like your real skin and then it says perfect skin tint comes in five super sheer shades and they are showing you the ownership benefit of the product and showing you people been super happy.

I’m sure this is targeted at young women because young women in the ad and showing you it works on all skin tones. It’s a really nice little 45 second ownership benefit product demo ad that starts with an image of the product.

Now there’s a ton of social proof on this ad 363 thousand views, 1500 likes, 67 shares, tonnes of comments 157 comments so looks like they are running this ad to a lot of different people and they are using this same ad unit in a bunch of different places. Now my guess is that this links straight to a product offer page.

The one thing I would do is I would add more ad copy up here, I think the video is great and I think at the end of the video, let’s see if it pops up a call to action, yep it pops up a call to action right at the end. So, they are running a traditional ad unit rather than promoting a post and it’s got a call to action here so let’s just click over to the call to action page. The thing to remember about this video is it’s an ownership benefit product demonstration video.

You will see in the next module that I talk about a bunch of different type of videos you can use, this is one of them. So clicking over, wow it looks like that page is dead that’s not so good, let's click again, so this page is totally dead and this post is still live in fact the most recent comment looks like came in, i'm guessing this is yeah like November here. So, I guess there offer page is totally dead which isn’t so good for them, maybe what they were doing was running a redirect it looks like this was going through a re direct link and that read direct died.

That’s a good thing to note for yourself if you ever using redirect links someone to kind of click over from your ad unit to a certain offer page rather than linking directly to your site.

The reason why you would do that is if at some point in the future you wanted you could have this ad link somewhere else. It doesn’t have to link you can essentially later at a later date change this ad unit link. Looks like in their case been as big company as they are they just totally forgot to date this redirect I guess.

That’s a look at this video ad unit. I actually realise that I have many ads from the same company so for example for Glossier I have probably 6 ad units and I thought I could be kind of fun to investigate all the different ad units from one company that I have saved in my own feed, I’m sure when you look at the spreadsheet that I have my team creating you know that spreadsheet that you’re going to get access to, there’s going to be a lot of the same brands using different ad units.

It’s kind of fun to see what they have done, the different videos that they are running. So, in this case what we will do is run through all the Glossier ads that I have and move on to some other brand and hopefully there will be multiple and if not I’ll just go through the on. So, here’s another one back from July, I saved this, and this post says because what’s the point if you can tell?

So, it’s asking a question which is a great thing to do in an ad unit, again it's mentioning the main benefit of the product Our concealer disappears into skin try our stretch concealer and then when you resume the video again this company seems to be really using their ads, there’s no audio here by the way there’s no music or anything.

They are using their ads its mostly demonstration, product demo videos, this is a straight up product demo video hey here’s what this thing does, here it is in use, check it out and it’s a real short little 15 second video actually. 3 million views, 8000 likes, 1200 shares I mean they ran this thing for a long time it worked quite well and I’m guessing that this one again, went straight to a product offer page, let’s hope that the link actually works this time.

No, wow, there, I guess what they are doing is when they set up a new ad they are literally just killing the links on their old ads and not having them go anywhere which is a terrible idea, I don’t know why they would do that if they are going to spend all this money on ads.

Ads are evergreen leave them up new people on your fan page will go back through your videos and see these things so it’s really strange that their links are dead here, it’s very confusing to me as you can tell. I’m a little upset for them because they are probably losing money on this, which is a bit of a bummer.

Now what I’ll do in my saved videos, I’ll go back to my Facebook saved and I will go back through another Glossier video. So, what I have done now it's opened up all the other ads I have from Glossier, they are really fans of doing these under 1 minute product demo videos because I’ve got 3 more of the same type of video. When life hands you hangovers, hormonal freak-outs and 4am Instagram holes, it’s a promotion for one of their serums, use this serum and then you will have, you know you will look way better.

Again, its product demo but in this case what they are doing is touching on a pain point that they feel their target demographic has. They are showing the product in use they are saying, here’s when you might use it, they are showing you eating pizza at 4am or whenever and blemish control so it’s really about the ownership benefit of the product and pain points that the customer is feeling which is an important thing to touch on in a video.

It’s a really well done highly produced video you can stop stealing your mum’s serums and I’m guessing that the link is broken on this one as well, let’s take a look. Check this one out, this one actually goes to a product offer page, nice, and it’s out of stock, so I won’t really break down this product offer page too much. Move on to the next post here they have, that’s actually the same one. Here we go lip that gives you that soft look minus blemish spotting again straight up product demo, how you might use this product, comes in the 6 most important shades. Basically, their entire advertising strategy seems to be benefit driven videos, direct to product offer pages and these are just old school e-commerce detail pages, they are done pretty well.

Nice carousel of images. Headline, content, variant selector, they have a subscription offer which is cool, and then they have some long form left right content. This is really nice here where it shows you the shades and what it might look like on you. Some good product photography so these pages aren’t bad.

Then this is another promotion for type of lip colour they offer, lip stain look lip balm feels benefit driven again probably linking to the same offer page looks like it does yes and then another video. So, they are doing these little 15 second owner benefit demonstration videos and their direct calls to action, one of things that need to take a look at in relationship to this is their price points are fairly low so it’s like an 18-dollar price point here, for one of these sticks.

Which is in impulse buy so they can afford to have really kind of similar videos, we are going for an 80-dollar purchase price which means we need to be a little bit more long form in our content it’s not as easy to just pick something right out of our shop and buy it. So that’s just something to note the price point beneficial price point for this style of advertising, I do like direct offer page with owner benefit video to direct offer page ads those are cool and they work well especially for impulse buys.

This is a breakdown of Glossier video ad so hope you enjoyed that.

And here we have an ad unit by one of my blue ribbon mastermind members and this guy Ben Caterman has very sharp and has got a great brand called wanderer bracelets, this ad is super cool you will recognise the style from the brail ads you got a little music, you got some text overlay that kind of explaining what’s happening in the video and this again is a brand that’s serving the world and also making a profit they are doing cool stuff there helping out the environment they are support local craftsman ship and they are showing how their products are made and then they are talking about how much fun it might be to own one of these things, and then what you will notice, we will teach you this in the course, short ad copy and link right to their homepage in this unit, Bracelets with Style and substance these handmade bracelets are changing a village in Bali here’s where you come in.

And then when you click this, I wonder where he is linking to now, Ben is a very smart marketer and you can tell so because his ad unit, you can’t see the URL here but it’s got his UTM code so he’s tracking this particular unit.

Its linking to a category page now his site is done very well.

Now ben is going directly to a category page he got an opt in pop up for 15% off first purchase right when you land on the page which is a really great strategy having a pop up overlay right when someone lands on your page to collect an email address because it’s great to get a lead obviously because then you can follow up with them.

Get $5 for free again and again that’s ad copy that we actually use with our referral programme so he’s advertising his referral programme right at the top of the page which is cool.

Then he’s got a list of all his products, and he’s got some really fantastic products, actually he’s given me a couple of these, he’s gave one to everyone in blue ribbon which was cool so I recommend you purchase one of these things because they are very cool and well-made and they are stylish, this here is a winning product.

I think he sells the most of. But if you go into the category page you can pick the style you like and Ben also has really phenomenally well done product detail pages, very traditional e-commerce style again carousel here, variants shot, add to cart, he’s using what we like to have which is unique selling proposition images under the add to cart video, so free shipping unique selling proposition images and then tabbed information about the product and then some of his reviews and some you may like so he’s doing a good job.

Wanderer bracelets I recommend you check them out because they have been producing some real fantastic videos, ownership benefit, mission statements, style, manufacturing process you will notice that’s similar with a lot of these brands doing something cool in world beyond offering products they are showing how the products are made and why you might want to participate in this movement and that’s a very powerful thing, been part of a movement.

Well done Ben.

If you come down to one of mastermind meet ups you will actually meet Ben. This next set of ads comes from a company called Tushy and man are they doing a great, great job with their advertising.

In fact, this company is the second company from a woman I’m actually reaching out to speak to at event my e-commerce all-stars named Micky Agrowalt, she did "thinx" which is a panty company and now she’s done "tushy" what’s great about these videos is there are a bit controversial it’s a bidet and what they are saying is you should spray your butt instead of wiping it for a cleaner butt.

It says save your bum, save your water, save your world. This butt spray will change your life. Videos that are kind of a bit funny and also controversial tend to do really well. In this video, it's little 15 seconds it's saying you don’t need toilet paper anymore, its saying why isn’t there a better way to clean your butt, you turn this little handle and it’s sort of an interesting video and it goes straight to product offer page and then they followed up with a video that kind of brakes down hey are you still wondering about tushy.

This is sequenced marketing guys so top line video getting the idea of a bidet out there and then a second video been like hey here how It works and they literally just walk you in there they tell you exactly how it works.

They show it to you and give you some information on it.

I think this is actually the woman who owns the company. Micky right here.

We will look at where they link to in a second but then what I thought was really cool was they came out with a basically try it free for 30 days, 60 days rather. So, they had 2 videos, a top line video, then an explainer video and now they are retargeting me with a try risk free for 60 days, and the video is kind of funny it’s like hey she’s pooping and now she’s washing but it’s also demonstrating the owner benefit and they do this whole thing where they make the woman look like they are having a good time when the water hits them.

What’s fascinating is they have done a really good job sequencing this content.

Let’s have a look at the link, so here’s the first ad and it looks like this one is going directly to a product offer page, again sort of traditional e-commerce style I like that they have product styles video 1 minute 41 seconds long, on this product offer page they are also doing a product offer page to try and get your email address when you land.

This is actually their e-commerce category page it looks like, Tushy royal, warm and cool tushy royale so lower price, higher price point, tushy towels upsells here, so this is there category page layout.

It’s an interesting page layout for a category page got some long form content.

Let’s see about their re-marketing video this one is saying here’s how it works let’s see where that one goes, that one is linking directly to the homepage, so hey aren’t taking you straight to an offer page we are taking you directly to our homepage where you can investigate a bit more about our product.

Homepage is actually really well done, shop now, some information about why you need a bidet so basically sales copy, social proof, testimonial, product hero shot, call to actions.

Let’s look at 60-day trial wonder if they have got a 60-day trial special landing page created for this 3rd retargeting ad, no looks like it's directly to the offer page again, category page.

I think that’s a little funny if I’m going to run an ad here that’s try it risk free for 60 days except you’re your backside won’t be able to go back. Basically, I would then send them to a page that had some information about that offer that I was advertising, so I think they are doing that a little wrong.

But I know this brand is doing really well and these ads are very well done so I recommend following tushy and watching the videos they produce. One of the other things to know is you can go to the fan pages and click on videos and you can see all the videos they produce.

You won’t necessarily see all the ad videos you will see a lot of their content videos if you scroll down and you see which of their content videos has the most views you can see maybe the ones they have amplified this one has like 12000 views which means they probably put a little money behind amplifying that considering they don’t have a ton of fans and other videos are just getting couple hundred reviews.

And here’s another little channel of videos.

So, tushy check them out, good brand if you’re interested in a bidet this is like you don’t have to get a whole separate bidet, all the houses I grew up in had bidet but they were separate units from the toilet so was like a toilet and then a bidet in this case you can just use this add on and add a bidet to your toilet.

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