Shopify For Beginners – Facebook Ad Placements Targeting

Shopify Tutorial - Facebook Advertisement Placements

Shopify Tutorial For Beginners - Facebook Targeting & Advertising - Video 11 Of 20

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Video 11:
Video 11 Of 20.
In this lesson we talk about Facebook Targeting and Facebook advertising.

We explain the best placements to use, and which ones to avoid, desktop, mobile, Instagram or the audience network.

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Tutorial Video 11 - Shopify Facebook Targeting.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Tutorial Video 11 Transcript - Shopify Facebook Targeting & Advertising

Video 11 – Shopify Tutorial For Beginners - Facebook Targeting and Advertising

Hey Ezra back with you and so we look at targeting.

The first thing that we want to look at is the source traffic, and there is a lot of different places that you can get visibility for your store.

You can get visibility on Google, on Pinterest, on Instagram.

In this training programme, we are going to focus on Facebook.

The reason we are going to focus on Facebook is because it really is the easiest place to get started.

They have the best self-serve interface, meaning the easiest to use then any place you can purchase visibility for your store and they are doing really well they are selling billions of dollars of ads a year.

The reason why they are selling so many ads is because their ads work.

So, we are going to be focusing on Facebook because I really think that’s the easiest place to get started.

Now with Facebook you get to choose different placements, you can show your advertisement, you can show it on someone’s desktop or laptop computer in the feed on a mobile phone in their feed and you can also show it on the right column when they are on a desktop.

We recommend only starting with desktop and mobile feeds, we don’t recommend using Instagram, we don’t recommend using the audience networks, so you’re going to start here and here.

That’s really where you want your advertisement to show up because those are the best chances of been successful, there the places where you’re going to have the highest chance of sale when you put your advertisement out there.

When we get into actually setting up our placements, I’m going to get into that a little bit later on in this course.

First I’m going to talk about what kind of advertisement we should put in front of people.

And what it should look like.

Going to look at some examples and things like that but when we actually go into set things up.

One of the things that Facebook is going to try and make you do is make set automatic placements but we don’t really want that.

We don’t want Facebook to put our ad anywhere they want and are actually going to come in here and edit these placements.

We are going to actually edit the placements and only have Facebook show us on the Facebook feeds.

So rather than have Facebook show our ad on Instagram, audience network on the right column we are only going to be visible on desktop and mobile phones.

And I’ll show you some other cool ways of targeting and that when we get into targeting but I want you to know the place where we are putting our ads is going to be when someone is on a desktop or laptop computer or mobile phone that’s really the only place where we are going to be showing our ad.

So, all that been said, I want you to know that we are only using Facebook we are going to be targeting people on feeds meaning their desktop or laptop computers or mobile phones and in the next video we are actually going to start looking at who to put our advertisement in front of, I’ll see you there.

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