Burger King Adults-Only Valentine’s Meal With an Adult Toy Inside

Advertisers are always looking to push the boundaries to grab your attention.

Have they gone to far this time with Burger Kings Adult Valentines Meal (Available after 6pm)

The chain was reported to have said;

“Kids have got their ‘Kid’s Meal.’ But what about grownups? Adults? Shouldn’t they have their own meal too? At least on Valentine’s?”

I don't know about you but the after 6pm time schedule seems a little early to me. Having said that, the toy inside may not be what you think, so you'll have to buy one to find out.

Fast-food chains have done a lot of goofy things for Valentine's Day over the years, including, most famously, the candlelight dinners at White Castle. But Burger King Israel is taking things to an awkward new level--with a very happy Valentine's Day meal for adults only. Burger King Offers an Adults-Only Valentine’s Day Meal, With a Different Kind of Toy Inside

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This is not the first time Burger King has targeted adults only products with the King Senior.

BK has been experimenting with ad agency David helping to introduce the King Senior in Brazil. That meal that came with two Whopper combos—one for a senior citizen, and a free one for the person accompanying them. “Since every meal box comes with a gift, this one is no different. A gift that is more valuable: company,” BK said of the King Senior.

I think I'll stick to my regular Whopper meal, thank you very much!

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