10 Ingredients Vital For Ecommerce Success

What are the ingredients for ecommerce success?

Success in ecommerce is not as as easy as the gurus would like you to believe.

They fail to tell you the number of hours you'll be putting in. And the number of different tasks you'll be required to do.

One day you'll be a social media marketing expert, the next you're a logistics manager. The list of duties can seem unending.

Dale Traxler over at practicalecommerce.com has given us the 10 vital ingredients to make your ecommerce journey a success.

Dale opens with;
First, successful entrepreneurs own and operate a business for a reason. It’s far beyond merely having a job, typically. Their business solves a problem, fills a need, or addresses a passion of the entrepreneur. I addressed all of these motivations last fall, in “For Success in Ecommerce, Answer ‘Why?’.”

Next, successful entrepreneurs decide what type of e commerce model will best fit their products and services. Unlike, say, 15 years ago, today there are many options: a pure-play ecommerce site, online marketplaces, direct to consumers (for manufacturers), brick-and-mortar — or a combination of all of those. I addressed that, too, in “For Success in Ecommerce, Figure Out the ‘What?’.”

Read what the 10 Vital Ingredients are and create your own recipe for success.

Ecommerce SuccessThere is no fast track to success in ecommerce, or any other type of business.

I owned and operated a successful ecommerce company for 10 years. 10 Ingredients for Ecommerce Success

Use off-the-shelf platforms and tools. Ecommerce platforms are now almost all SaaS-based. If you sell to consumers, save much time and money and choose a leading SaaS platform. There are dozens of them. (Search on Google for “saas ecommerce platforms” or similar keywords.) Choose standard templates. Focus on your value-added content, not on building new designs or custom features, at least initially. Use Google Analytics and choose a leading email tool for newsletters and promotions. By all means, avoid custom development at the outset. It’s an option down the road as you learn more.


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What's your average day like, how many tasks do you perform? Add your comments below.

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